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I receive hi fi news via the post and hi fi choice is a digital only subscription…so today I get notice that the next edition of hi fi choice is available for download …on clicking “ download” I have not hi fi choice but hi fi news……anyone else had this ?

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I subscribe to both using the Apple Apps, Hi-Fi News has been dropped into both the Apps today, same publisher I think, so probably a mistake.

Digitally is the only way I’ve been able to get a copy regularly down under.

I always find HiFi News too rarified and HiFi Choice a little too geared at budget .

I think if I had saved all the money spent on HiFi magazines I now have a much better system …


Both these and many other magazines can be downloaded for free from my local library via an app called Libby. May be worth asking. I like reading them but not enough to pay money!

I tried the Libby. But they ask me a member card. I don’t know how to create it , because the ask an library id and a pin. Any suggestions ?

Hi - it may be a UK only thing as each local council here provides a library service paid for by local taxes. You have to join the library (which is free) and then you have a card which gives access to all services including on line ones. The rules may vary from town to town but my local authority is part of a very large group of libraries which subscribe to Libby. Hope this helps.

that’s funny - was thinking the same thing…can remember walking through the train station every month to see if there was a new copy…and I never owned any of the gear though!!

just looked on my bookshelf and they’re still there…

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For those who can’t get hold of Hi Fi News … let me summarise … "this month’s featured product is a 15K pair of speakers. (If it’s a standmount) it has the scale, soundstage and impact of a floorstander / (if it’s a floorstander) … it has the delicacy, insight and cohesion of a 2-way standmount … it’s really really wonderful, and should be top of anyone’s shopping list. (Yes, we did say the same about another 15k speaker 2 months ago, but comparisons are so odious). … "


I do wish I had bought a pair of those PM1 speakers …

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Now I’m going through the stack of old ones…

I live in France, so maybe it will not work I guess.

Probably not, unless France has an equivalent public library system. It amazes me that so many people in the UK don’t realise the range of things available free from your local library (yes I am married to a librarian…).


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