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Just heard that Hi Fi World has ceased trading and the September issue will be the last one to be printed, it looks like the days of the specialist hi fi magazine might be numbered.



Sad eh. It was the only mag I bought from mid 90’s to now…

So that’s why I’ve not been able to buy it from Smiths.
Oh dear.

It,s a shame. But i always bought a copy when we went on holiday. Inevitably the content was of brands and entry level product that i was not interested in. Must be a very difficult juggling act to get right, and not to forget covid and limited products to review……nothing from Naim except Solstice. Perhaps @andreweverard has some sage comments on this and show cancellations which must be hitting hard.

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Shame. I liked it, especially when David Price was at the helm.

I have Hi-Fi News and Gramophone on subsription. Used to have Hi-Fi+ but no longer.
Gramophone for the music reviews and Andrew Everard’s comments and audio reviews.
Hi-Fi News also for the music reviews and to a limited extent the reviews, but most of the products I have never heard of and don’t se them anywhere else.
I am still waiting for Hi-Fi News to acknowledge the existance of the Naim Solstice TT in either its introduction or review.

I was wondering where this months copy was, I’ve also only just renewed my subscription. Doh.

I’m not surprised, I’ve cut my subscriptions down from 5 mags to 3. Now that looks like 2.

I subscribed on and off to HiFi World over the years. I still have them including the first few years from back in the early ‘90s. My thanks go out to Noel Keywood and also to the many people who contributed. There have been some great reviews and features over the years, many involving Naim kit. Sorry it had to close, but wish you all the best.


Is it just the decline in print-based journalism or a warning about the future of two channel hifi?

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Probably both.

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According to a statement from Noel Keywood that was published by Paul Rigby (aka theaudiophileman) who wrote for the magazine, the reason Hifi World has ceased publication is because the company who published it “became financially unviable due to loss of bookstand sales in the High Street, at railway stations and airports around the world during the Covid Pandemic. Until 2019 Audio Web Publishing Ltd was trading profitably, but has currently ceased to do so.”

A double blow, what a shame.

Thank you for that insight Richard.

Nothing very sage, I fear – just to say that it’s sad when we lose a magazine, as variety of opinion is the spice of hi-fi.

And I gather the cancellation of the show was entirely out of the hands of the organisers, for reasons already discussed, and at a very late stage when many exhibitors had already travelled, both nationally and internationally, and were busy setting up. But in these very unusual times, it seems it was kind of inevitable given the location.

But ‘limited products to review’? Hardly – it’s more a matter of finding time to experience all the interesting things out there!

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Thankyou……good to know you are still out there with plenty of products to review👍

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