Hi-line and hum

Hi guys. My system suddenly developed a really loud hum, by loud I mean music loud, varying with the volume nob. Swapping out the hi-line (din-din) for a lavender took care of the problem. There is a slight separation of one of the links but nothing huge. Fiddling with the hi-line very gently whilst seated doesn’t change the problem. Is it possible for a hi-line to cause this?

Oh dear, this sounds like the earth inside the HiLine has broken it’s connection. I had the same thing happen to mine quite a while back. A trip back to Salisbury and it came back sounding better than ever. Certainly worth sticking with it and having it looked at through your dealer.

Thanks Steven thats good to know, I’ll get it back to the dealer then.
This is the second time I’ve had a problem with it. Might look for an alternate IC I think. Can’t believe that despite me always being really careful it breaks like this.

I agree with Stephen, it does sound like the earth connection has broken inside one of the plugs. Contact your dealer and they should be able to get it fixed for you with Naim.

Thank you Richard.

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