My new combination:
282 + 2 x Hicap (non dr)
300 non dr

I bought new Hi-line piece and apply to CDX2, burn-in approx 40 hours now (2/3 hours listening time on a daily basis)


  1. should I apply hi-line to CDX2 or ND5XS2 ?
  2. What will then be expected - for me, I could only find a slight difference on mid/ high range but less bass, good for vocal and a slight improved ( wider sound stage) sound stage.

Am I missing something ?

Only you can answer those questions in reality.

What will then be the usual sound improvement when compare a hi-line & the normal 5 pin audio cable ?

  1. Whichever of the the two you play the most.

  2. The important thing is to check it is installed properly. A Naim friend here advised me to hold the Hi Line only by the solid ends by the pins. Let it hang to make a soft U. Insert the end with the light coloured marker into the source and the other into the pre. Then, again holding the solid ends, ease the connectors out by a couple of millimeters. Make sure the cable is hanging free and not touching, say, the floor.

(3). Report back to the forum with your happy results.


I find no improvement on a CDS3 and i believe it takes away the synergy of the lavender. Other people have had positives so the answer it all depends.

Also be careful experimenting to much the hiline is fragile and taking it in and out regularly, heightens your chance of damaging it.

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Every steps followed through as addressed by user manual

Thx for your adv

My dealer educated me earlier as a few new buyers damaged their cable without notice !

Yes, getting the installation of the Hi-line right makes ALL the difference, otherwise you may as well just stick with the lavender grey interconnect. Form the cable by holding each plug in each hand (plugs orientated exactly as they would connect the DIN sockets) and a nice curved loop of cable between. Then gently swing the cable while doing a back and forth twist with the wrists until you feel the plugs are happy in their orientation without any stress on the cable or plug whatsoever. Then insert the Hi-line to the kit as per Chris’ post above. If you muck it up, go back and repeat.

I was sometimes called upon to conduct listening tests on batches of the early Hi-Lines and I would always give each Hi-line three install chances to shine. If it didn’t it would go back for investigation. A Hi-line that’s no working right is just a bit dull, constrained and a bit flat. Whereas, when it’s working just right, it’s as if the shackles have been removed and it blooms. My usual test piece of music was Falling Out Of Love by Mary Gauthier (great music and the first track of the album, so a great piece for this kid of test) and I could usually tell if a Hi-line was working or not within the first 10 seconds or so.


Oh my
That’s a lovely experimental work & hope it helps
Thx for sharing Richard.

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