Hi-Res internet radio streams on Gen 1 devices? Yes it can!


More than 2y ago, I figured out my ND5 XS didn’t support high resolution internet radio audio streams. Yes, it’s a “Gen 1” device.

Being happy with my device and being in software development, I started looking how to fix this. The “ForwardProxy” project – FWP in short – was born! It literally took me a couple of weeks of sleep, as Naim doesn’t document anything. The good thing about this, was that I lost a couple of kgs of weight. :slight_smile:

I initially wanted to build a fix allowing me to capture the Naim Jazz flac stream. I created a topic to get help, which is now closed. The topic illustrates well my frustration, but also my evolution in my battle to make it happen. If you want some late night reading, give it a try… :slight_smile:

While doing the programming, I extended the scope. I wanted the solution would be able to: host 1) a bunch of HD stations 2) serve multiple connections at the same time 3) run everywhere: In the cloud, on your nas, on whatever computer, etc. I released the first release as an open source (free) product on 22 April 2021, immediately available at no cost in the Cloud in Frankfurt, for Europe, and Phoenix for the US.

Today, I released version 9 of FWP. The most advanced version so far. For example, it allows listening in 192 kHz/24bit to the Mother Earth radio stations, or to Groove Salad, which is a hi-res HLS stream, on Gen 1 devices!
Btw, are HLS audio streams already supported on the latest Naim streaming devices?

FWP version 9 makes it also very easy to add the FWP URL in vTuner as a custom radio station. List the available FWP stations in your browser, go to the station URL, right click, copy, and past the URL in vTuner. That’s it! A lot easier than before!
I also added a scanning function to check if the server of your music service is reachable. A scan takes ~15 sec for the +130 radio stations on FWP. This is quite handy when you’re troubleshooting non-playing streams.

I created a new topic as, based on the feedback, there’re still a lot of Gen1 device users out there, which makes sense, as it’s a great device! 

Ok, some useful links. As said, there are 2 FWP instances running in the Cloud (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). Choose the one closest to you.



The source code etc, can be found here: GitHub - kurt-lefevre/FWP: Forward Proxy public repo

Questions, drop me a mail. My contact details are at the bottom of the pages listed above.



To answer your question HLS is now supported on all Naim streamers, except for the earliest version 1 Uniti, HDX and Unitiserve. So your ND5 XS supports HLS if it has version 4.8 firmware.

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