Hi Res streaming from Roon to Muso

HI there,

My goal here is to be able to listen to HiRes downloads using the multiroom function as I have some albums only in HiRes. it is not about audio quality from the Musos.

Currrently I have an NDS and 3 x Muso gen 1.
a) If i use the Naim app to play a HiRes file it works perfectly as soon as I select multi room to connect the Musos it stops and I have to restart the NDS
b) if i use Roon /Sonore bridge it works perfectly until I try the multi room then it starts skipping tracks and the NDS needs to be restarted.

My question is this if I upgrade to 2nd generation Musos will this still happen. IE is the problem with the NDS or the Musos?

Any suggestions, apart from buying a ND 555 welcomed!

Hi, the problem lies with the 1st gen streamers (Muso and NDS) which cannot multiroom a hi-res stream. When they do multiroom they send a lossy stream to the client streamers in any case.

With Roon you get full lossless hi-res regardless of how many streamers you put in a multiroom group, so 2nd gen Musos will benefit from this.

How are you using multiroom? Presumably via AirPlay to the Musos as this is the only way it works unless you have a Sonore bridge to every one of them…but then you wouldn’t be able to add the NDS to the group?

I have a similar issue with NDS and 4 UQs with Roon. I just live it when using a Sonore bridge on a Audiostore server. However, using UPnPbridge with Rooextend on a RPi made multiroom possible. But I’m not sure that this holds true with Hi-Res; I’ll experiment.

Airplay I guess. I select the track from Roon, then go into the Naim app and select the rooms. Clunky but it works and I only have to do it once.

Thanks and you have completely lost me!!!

BTW I am happy to upgrade the Musos if that solves the problem

Hi Chris,

Am I correct in understanding that upgrading the Musos would solve the issue even using the NDS/Roon/ Sonore set up I have?

Many thanks

I’m not sure if the NDS/Sonore UPnP bridge can be added to a multiroom group that includes other Roon endpoints that are not Sonore. The reason being that Sonore uses Squeezebox rather than being a fill blown Roon ‘Endpoint’. So while Mk2 Musos would have proper native Roon built in and could be used together in a multiroom group, I’m not sure if the NDS could be added to the group.
I’m not 100% sure this is a problem, perhaps @Camphuw would know, or you could ask Smallgreencomputer who produced the Sonore bridge.

Another thing to consider with Roon multiroom groups is that your network is working quite hard if it has to handle a large multiroom group all playing hi-res material. If you use WiFi it would need to be a very robust network, wired Ethernet would be a much safer bet. Also check that the hardware you use to run your Roon Core is powerful enough to feed multiple Endpoints.

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Apologies … multiroom worked fine with the Naim app but not with Roon until I added the UPnPbridge with RooExtend. I’m not sure why.

On the Audiostore server the Sonore bridge would only let me select one out put, e.g the NDS or one of the Unitiqutes. Hence the Raspberry Pi solution with RooExtend, which is a cheap hardware and software solution.

Thanks for all the tips.

To clarify, the NDS, Roon/ Sonore works perfectly well with multiroom to 3 generation Musos until I try and play a HiRes file. Then it fails.

So my question is: will upgrading to Muso 2nd generation solve the problem and allow me to play multiroom as I do with regular files (CD rips)

Thanks again

Are you sure about this? Roon creates its own multiroom groups which are completely different from Naim multiroom, so can’t be controlled from the Naim app.

Absolutely positive. Select the track in Roon, play it then, got to the Naim app which says streaming, go to the multi room at the bottom right and select the musos. Been using it for years, work perfectly, totally syned between rooms . It all falls apart with Hi Res files as described!

One must have Sonore Bridge though which uses Squeezebox which you have to enable in Roon .

Sorry I am not technical so I cannot give you more details

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