Hicap and supercap

Hi first post and new to the naim community
Have a supernait 2 dr and hicapdr and stageline with a hicap dr… Just purchased a nac 252 and supercap and a nap 300dr so now with the stageline do I still use the hicap when using the supercap… Many Thanx

You can power your StageLineoff the back of 252, but that is not optimal.
A separate power supply will help - so use your HiCapDR.

Note: you cannot use the SuperCap to power your 252 and StageLine at the same time.

Awsum cheers Adam much appreciated… That’s how it’s running just now but thought I’d check cause lots of ways to do things with naim gear… :wink:

Compare the 252 powering the Stageline directly (Aux 2), then back to the HiCap. See what you prefer. You would not be the first to prefer the Aux2.

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Cool thanks CDboy I’ll give it a go :grin:


I recall hearing that the 252 dedicates one of the Supercap regulators to the Aux2. Perhaps someone who knows for sure will correct me if i am wrong. For this reason you may prefer powering the Stageline from Aux2 over using the Hicap. Do compare, and share your observations.


Thanks Charlie I’ll give that a go :grin:

Hi welcome to the forum. I wonder if you could share your impressions of the upgrade from the sn2 to your current kit. I am a Supernait 2 owner and might be interested in a similar move in the long term.

Yes, dedicated windings on the Supercap for the AUX2 supply when used on the NAC52 and NAC252.

Rob I have the supernait 2 dr with n is awsum but upgradeitis took over n :heart::purple_heart:the 252 n 300 well worth the upgrade sound is fantastic more detail iv been chasing the sound I like for yrs :joy: n now I’m v happy I can enjoy for a few years just clarity depth insight… Just much more info than the supernait 2… And the supernait 2 dr is v impressive

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Richard - presumably that doesn’t apply with the 282?

Lindsay, correct.

Well plugged the stageline into aux 2 I’ll give it a few days playing before I make comments… Sounds good tho after getting used to the again different presentation… Sounds good thanks everyone for Ur comments and help… :wink:

Sell Stageline and Hicap, get a Superline - never look back!

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Jsaville don’t say that :joy::joy:

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Also Rob it has more power and control… Demo if u can i wish I could have as it would have saved a few $$$:grin::joy:but definitely worth it I went from top onkyo amp and the supernait 2 put a smile on my face… N then the 300 dr gave me a bigger smile hope that helps Rob :wink:

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:blush: In all seriousness though, at your level of system a Superline would be ideal. I just tried one recently in a big demo using a Rega RP10 with an Apheta 2 cart, into 252 / Supercap DR / 300DR vs 282 / Hicap DR / 250DR and stepping up to the 252 option really showed just how good the Superline is!

What deck / cart configuration are you using?

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OK sorry won’t happen again