Hicap DR cable run to Supernait 2

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A hicap DR comes with a powerline lite and a SNAIC cable in the box, but I notice when researching the Naim Connection Guide https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/Connection%20Guide%20Amplification%20Rev%202C.pdf that it depicts a second 4pin (non powered?) DIN terminated cable back to the Supernait 2, presumably for continuity for the poweramp stage?

My question is, what is this cable? Is it a SNAIC 4 cable, a 4 pin din interconnect cable, or what? Is it also included in the box?

It’s a SNAIC 4. It usually comes with a power amp, but, in the case of using the Hicap with a Supernait, it needs to be purchased separately.

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Thanks. Got it.

Just BTDT :slight_smile:

Hi. Please, is the cable that comes in the HiCap DR box the 5 pin DIN cable that is depicted in the Connection Guide - Amplification, the one in green? And so the 4-pin cable would be necessary only to connect the Supernait 2 / HiCap DR combo to another amplifier, like the 250 DR? This would be the one depicted in black. Am I wrong?


If you are connecting to a Supernait2 or a NAP200 power-amp it’s the SNAIC4 (4pin to 4pin) - sold separately for a Supernait2 connection or included with a NAP200. For a NAP250 it’s a 4pin to 3pin XLR cable (which the 250 comes with).

A Hicap comes with a SNAIC5. If you wish to use the HIcap to power the preamp I’d a Supernait then you’ll need an additional SNAIC4. If adding a Naim power amp then the SNAIC4 or DIN4-XLR lead comes with the power amp

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