Hicap DR for SN3

Ordering a HiCap DR for SN3

  1. I understand the connection with supplied Snaic 5 only is from HiCap DR socket 4 to SN3 upgrade preamp-out top socket?

  2. Does the upgrade power amp-in socket below that on SN3 require a new smaller Cap cover?

  3. Also on here I recall posts re connecting HiCap DR socket 3 to SN3 upgrade power amp-in socket with snaic 4-4 TO PRESERVE SIGNAL? is this essential?

You need two connections between the SN3 and Hicap. The SNAIC5 that comes with the Hicap connects, as you say, from Hicap socket 4 to the SN3 Pre-amp out socket.

You’ll also need a SNAIC4 to connect Hicap socket 3 to the SN3 Power amp in socket.


Thanks James

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