Hicap DR on Headline - Heaven

Though I have always liked my Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones, being closed back they have lacked a bit of depth paired with a Headline and NAPSC. I much prefer open-backed but the Ultrasones are for late night or any time dearly beloved requires peace and quiet. Having decided to treat myself to a birthday present I acquired a second-hand Hicap DR. The sound is richer, more detailed, notes build and decay effortlessly, the soundstage is greatly expanded and the tone of instruments more lifelike. Stacey Kent is currently positively rocking. Is awesome too strong a word? Errr… No.


When I had my Headline, I was similarly impressed with the HCDR effect. Moves the HL up. Then, I tried a Superline (non DR, that I had spare as it were)…more of everything!

That stayed until a Violectric V200 came up at a good price, but both HC and SC impressed me greatly as to the value of Naim’s power supplies.

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In my experience definitely made a big difference. Using just the Napsc was a bottleneck. The Hicap was like going from black and white into colour to use a TV analogy. Much more open and spacious to allow through more detail and essentially more music.

Or as a hifi salesman once said to me " its so revealing you could hear a fly farting in the studio".

I know exactly what he means.

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I think I’ve heard that track :rofl:

Yes, “wild is the wind”, was on the b side


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