Hicap DR. Opinions?

Has anybody changed up to the DR from the previous iteration, or from something else? What difference did it make to the listening experience?

I’m speaking as someone who has an almost complete NAIM-separates system apart from a cheaper item bought some years ago but which I’m now considering “coming home” from…

A few years ago I had a HC on an original SuperNait. Front end was CD5XS used as transport into nDAC/XPS. When Naim offered DR upgrades, I opted to have both HiCap and XPS “done”. I felt both were worthwhile, though the XPS upgrade was a modest improvement. However, the DR upgrade on the HiCap gave a major improvement in SQ. In fact, I’d say it was by some way the most cost-effective Naim upgrade I have made. However, my experience is that how effective power supplies are depends on what they’re connected to, so no guarantee that a DR upgrade would be as transformative in a different setting.


Better or different. Take your pick. Cleaner sound for me but also a little less ambience. A bit drier if you like. Have gotten used to it now but wasn’t sure I liked it at all at first.


Connecting it to a 282 along with a NAPSC.

I got my HiCap upgraded to DR some 6 months ago. Quite an improvement. Cleaner, tighter, better dynamics and imaging.

That said, my 282 and 200 got serviced at the same time so I can’t tell what did what. But given the fact that the pre & power were still in good shape, I reckon most of the improvements came from the DR upgrade.

A ‘real’ HicapDR is better than what you have to my ears, as you would expect for the price, although whether or not it’s worth it to you I guess is always a matter of opinion. If you have the space and the cash, I would certainly do it.

Pretty much made up my mind to do it, after I’ve flogged the boxes from my previous upgrades. :+1:

This was my experience as well when I went from HiCap2 → HiCap DR on my SuperNAIT.

I felt the tonal presentation changed.
I’m quite happy now, but there was an adjustment period.

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