HiCap DR replacement?

There are significant discounts offered in the U.S. on the NAC 252 & 282, the NAP 300 & 250 as well as the HiCap DR. It appears the there will be replacements for those NAC and NAP units within the coming year as was the pattern with the 272 into the 222.

My question is; do you envision a replacement for the HiCap DR, and if so will it be DR, and will the future amps and power supplies by DR?

I was hoping to take advantage of the recent pricing on a HiCap DR for my Supernait 2, thinking that HiCap would eventually power a 282.

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I don’t believe there will be a replacement for the Hicap DR but no one can be certain at this stage. Personally I would take advantage of the discounts on offer. I did with a new Supercap DR recently. Remember Naim residuals even on old CB gear can be very good so it should be a safe purchase.


Thank you. Point well taken.

Now this begs three questions; what will power the Naim integrated amps, the entry level NACs, and will the New Classic PSUs be DR?

My best guess is that Naim will have just a single PS upgrade option, the current new 300. It covers Hicap, Supercap and XPS. No more Flatcaps or Hicaps. I assume the new 300 is DR?

What happens to the 500PS and 500 series is another interesting question, we simply don’t know.


Naim have said that they want to simplify their new range, and part of that involves using power supplies that can power any device to make them more versatile. While we don’t yet know what the full new range will include, we do know that the 300 power supply will be able to power both preamps and sources. It can also power some older devices, but it cannot power the existing separate preamps so you would still need that Hicap.
The 300 is DR. It’s hard to imagine that Naim would move away from DR in their new models.

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In my long experience of this Forum, trying to second guess Naim product launches is a fools game.

If the price is right then buy now!



There also might be a 200 series psu; i.e. npx200 to go with the npx300. A £5700 unit needs something under where the hicap dr currently sits.
No insider knowledge here.


I suspect we will see a npx100 at some time, when a ’ budget ’ NC pre amp arrives, at about 2k
Weather it will power old Naim kit probably not

If a 100 or 200 PS was coming, surely the time to come was when the 222 and new 250 were launched. The whole idea is to rationalise the range, so it’s got to be highly unlikely that lesser PSs will come. The era of 5 or 6 preamps is over. Nova for around £5k, then jump to 222/250, add a PS, and then it’s on to the NS333, the 300 preamp and either 250 or new 300 power amp. Both 333 and new preamp can be powered by the 300PS. It’s very simple and logical.


And an integrated…

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Spot on I think. One 300 series pre-amp and a streamer, each powered by the 300PS and NC 300 mono blocks. Then the 500 series. That’s it, followed by a refresh of the Naits.


SuperDuper NAIT could be interesting, occured to me if they’d put a DAC in one again like the SN1?

How you getting on with Poly/Mojo?

its brilliant!, glad our paths crossed on ebay! - In fact i tend to do most of my weekend listening with it!. I had a mojo yrs ago but never really used it but the addition of poly as new roon endpoint has made it very accessible.

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This sounds logical to me as well. Guess we’ll find out something in June/July (my guess)

If the discounts are good, this seems a great chance to get hold of some classic Naim equipment at a great price. You would have to search long and hard to find a better pre and power amp combo than an NAC252 and NAP250.

Okay, so Naim make some better stuff, but you will have to pay an awful lot more.

Of course, a power supply will be needed for the 252.

Fill your boots, boys and girls while you can!


Just taken delivery of a brand new 252 supercap at a considerably lower price than 222 300ps, and yes I know it does not include a source🤣


Smart move. This also locks you in to a 252 just in case the 252 and 282 are reconfigured to something which just may not suit your needs at a similar price point.

I suspect that both the 282 and 252 will be replaced by units significantly more expensive. If the HiCap DR is supplanted, getting to a preamp near 282 level with PSU will be a costly affair.

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HH, always appreciate your insights in these topics, thanks.

Do you think that there will be a 282 level replacement? I ask because I suspect that the HiCap replacement just might be slotted well above the current HiCap.

We already know that there will not be different PSUs for sources, preamps etc. so the new PSU in question will be the NPX300. So yes, significantly more expensive than a Hicap.

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