HICAP DR where to find in EU

I hope I dont contravene forum rules, but Im in Greece and looking for a new or used HICAP DR to go with the one I already have on my 282.

Despite the new range coming out it’s proving difficult to find anything in the usual places (and with Brexit, shipping from UK to EU has prohibitive taxes ie cost). The Greek dealers can’t find anything locally either.

So if anyone could recommend an EU country (with good dealers) that could meet my requirements, that would be great. I can look for them online.

Thanks a lot.


It’s a shame that you won’t consider a UK source, as that’s probably where most of the pre-loved HiCaps are likely to be, and probably at the most reasonable prices too.

If you change your mind, speak to James Allney at TomTom Audio in St Albans - a great guy to deal with, very straight and very helpful too.

Pre Brexit - I bought all from UK - with great service (including TomTom and others). Now I have to pay import tax and VAT so a 1k item in UK costs me 1.4k.

I may have found a preloved one in Germany for 1700E.



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Maybe its smarter replacing your HCDR with a SC ?

A site frequented by some forum members is Audio Markt in Germany. There are several HiCap DR currently listed. If you prefer to buy new, my Naim dealer has a Webshop. If you ask your favorite search engine for hsga you should be able to find it. I don’t know if they can sell new items to Greece, though.

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Fair point - however, I dont plan for a 252 in the near future, and its a lot of hassle to trade the current HCDR as well. As a number of people keep telling me - I need to do speakers next… Cheers

Thanks M - I found a dealer in Germany with an Ex Demo one and hopefully bought it. I have not used Audio Markt before, so will consider next time. Appreciated. I lived near Frankfurt for 9 years (a long time ago). Vielen Danke.


I hope everything turns out fine for you. Audio Markt has become quite international the last years. I have sold things to Croatia, France, Sweden and Switzerland during that time. You have to register yourself to use the site, but that’s not too complicated.

Source first - always
If you solely use 272 as source ?
if, then a second hicap makes no sense.

Absolutely. Swapping the 272 for an NDX2 makes infinitely more sense.

My profile must be out of date - I indeed switched the 272 out. So now have NDX2, xps dr, 282, hicap dr, and 250 dr into Kudos C2s as my main system.

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