HiCap Faceplate Bloom

I noticed the other day that the faceplate on my HiCap is no longer jet black. It has a definite pinkish/purpleish bloom when viewed in daylight. It’s very obvious against the black of the casing. Has anybody else had this issue on any of their units? I’m sure this can’t be unique to me. It was used on a second system in another room so just wondering if it’s a symptom of UV exposure in that location.

I’ve got to take my US into a dealership next week (see my other thread) and I don’t know wether to take the HiCap in at the same time and get the faceplate changed. I suspect it’s part of the chassis so probably not a cheap replacement for what is just a cosmetic issue but I get a bit OCD with hifi stuff (as I guess most of us do).

This has happened to others and I have a feeling that Naim provided a free replacement. I suggest you send a picture to your dealer and ask them to take it up with Naim.

As HH advises, I would let your dealer know.

@feeling_zen has a number of pink boxes. If my recollection is correct, he explained that Naim had a poor batch of faceplates and was very much aware of this — ergo free replacement at the mothership.

Ahh…I knew it couldn’t be just me. That’s interesting. So I could get it replaced for nothing then?

Very possibly. You should let your dealer see and then take it up with Naim who will hopefully be happy to supply a replacement fascia.

Right. I’m on it then.

I recall that it was down to a fire at the factory where the front panels were anodised and no-one realised that they bath used for Naim front panels had been contaminated.

One of my SuperUnitis has a pink glow, very obvious next to the newer black of my NAT 05 XS which is top of it. But I’m not sure it bothers me that much!



My problem was resolved by the nice people at Naim and my dealer.

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Well my HiCap is now with Doug Brady in Warrington prior to contacting name to have that conversation regarding replacing the fascia panel. How long ago was yours done? Also what year of manufacture were your effected units?

My units were 2013 manufacture and there were 4 affected units. My 282 had gone shocking pink (there’s pics somewhere on the forum). As the issue was raised out of warranty it wasn’t free but it was very reasonable. My dealer sorted out the terms with Naim this April. I’d encourage anyone with this or another problem to let their dealer sort it out with Naim and argue your case if required. Naim can be reasonable and flexible as long as you go through the correct channels.

Well I got my HiCap back today with the fascia replaced. I took it to Doug Brady in Warrington a couple of weeks ago (along with my Unitiserve mentioned in another thread). It didn’t need to go back to Naim. They agreed to provide the fascia plate to Doug Brady’s who fitted it. There was just a nominal charge of £30 to have DB fit it. Apparently, if it wasn’t a QC issue the cost of the replacement fascia would have been £300.


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