HICAP hierarchy

A twist on old queries.

NAC 282, 2 Olive HICAPs, 2 olive NAP 250 and old NAXO/SBLs. 1 HICAP for 282, 1 for NAXO.

Had originally planned to use an old CB HICAP somewhere in the mix but it’s poorly.

Trying a HICAP DR - simplest connection is just to use this as second 282 power source.

Potentially unbalanced but after previous discussions that it may not be as simple as a L/R split, maybe not.

Most balanced solution for the DR will be on the NAXO I assume, but just wonder if anyone’s ever tinkered with different vintage HICAPs in a setup like this where several permutations are possible.

The other one I’ve been wondering about is if I upgraded the NAXO to a SNAXO 242, say I eventually got a Supercap where would that work best? SNAXO 242 or 282 given that the 282 would not use the Supercap to its full potential?

So far:

HICAP DR on 2nd 282 power input, adds a lot of air and space, but is ultimately a bit harsh and sibilant.

HICAP DR powering the ancient NAXO retains Olive warmth but is more reassured, really nice actually, and I had to turn the volume down.

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