Hicap , how does it do it’s job.?


I have been looking at a image of a Hicap.
I can see that it has two rectifiers, and two capacitors.
Is this to give 2 x 24v using a capacitor and a rectifier for each output?.
I think this may be correct?



There’s a regulator in there too for each power rail either an LM317 monolithic type or the more recent discrete type (DR).

This gives a very stable power fed for the pre-amp, or CD player. DR regs are faster and cleaner giving increased clarity when used with a Pre-amp.

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Plus a voltage regulator for each output.

Thanks for the replies gents.

I would think that a preamp has a very low power demand, but by giving it a clean supply with low noise , this is what makes the difference to the music sounding better, I


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Its absolute power demand is low, but the faster it can change,

the better it can represent transients, which are very important for realism


Thanks, Suedkiez for the information.

I can see that the supply to the preamp, is of great importance.
I am using a Hicap 2 with a NAC 82 with great results , just thinking about adding a second, Hicap 2.


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Try to get a second HC of about the same vintage as the current one.


Will do , thanks


That’s very interesting
I have one connected to a Supernait 3 and am very pleased.
Just wonder what the remaining din sockets are for though. 5 pin and 4 pin go to the amp, leaving 2 unused?

There’s one DIN5 to provide 2 x 24V DC power and also take in signal. There are then three DIN4s for signal throughput. This was more a historical need when the early HICAP had a single rail supply on one of the DIN4s in order to make it compatible with the earlier single rail pre-amps. In most cases you’ll probably only use one or two of these, but I guess it’s nice to have one spare just in case.

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That’s very helpful, thanks

I would try a HCDR before considering any second hicap.

Naim’s DR development has to be experienced imo.

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Christopher I was wondering you and also to the other delsito according to you how you see a Flat Cap XS that directly connects two Naim devices sounds better Hi Cap DR that powers only one and costs even less.
Flat Cap XS seems to me to be able to directly power ND5 XS2 and Naim XS3.
On naim XS series site they give it as an ideal partner Flat Cap XS for streaming and XS3.
Finally, ND5XS2 can also be connected with XS2 which does not have a phono input.
Let me know greetings Marco.

I don’t think a FlatCap XS can be used on ND5XS2. It can be used on a NaitXS and the discontinued CD player, CD5XS (and some of the preamps).

When I had a NaitXS and CD5XS, I added a FlatCap XS and it gave a nice upgrade to my system. But the improvement was pretty subtle and at the current cost of £1k in the UK I’m not convinced of its value for money.


I use an 82 with 2 (Olive) HiCaps. Works well… IMO…


The ND5XS2 cannot use an external power supply.

Hi Marco,

The FCXS is a great power supply within the context of an XS system. It will power two items such as a CD5Xs and a Nait XS3.

I am not suggesting that the FCXS is a better supply than a HCDR. It depends on context.

Best, Chris

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Ah yes but there’s another factor, Naim fairy dust. By this I mean not just the pure technical side in a way. I was in the factory once and was put in my place by Mr JV. Watching a hicap being wired i casually said “if you route the wiring in a shorter way you’d save meters of cable”

Response “yeh we tried many wiring layouts, they all sound worse”

Naim attention to detail.



Hmm … well that didn’t stop them revising the wiring layout over the years :wink:


The HiCap allows a user to use two power amps. You could go non active passive mode. One power amp to send signal to the tweeter terminal and another poweramp to the woofer terminal to a speaker with this facility - yes ?
Forgive me, but this isn’t a set up I’m familiar with looking at many Naim user systems.
Is there a clear reason why ? Or are you all missing out on utilising those four terminals so prevalent on today’s speakers ?