HiCap on Supernait2

I have connected the snac 4 and snaic 5 as in the post I found on here.

I have an awful sound coming out of the speakers, high pitched interference.

Q1 - do I leave the power line in the SN2?
Q2- do I connect both the snaic 4 & 5 or is only the one required ? I don’t have a stage line or anything else connected.

Yes they are both powered, in essence the hicap powers the sn preamp, the sn powers its own poweramp stage. yes connect both snaics. Make sure the collars are tightened.

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Thank you, collars are tight, I wonder if a snaic is faulty as I bought it second hand.

If you have a multimeter you could do a continuity test on the snaics.
How much of this system is 2nd hand?
Worst case scenario you can get the whole lot checked and serviced by Darran at Class A in Sheffield (if you are in the UK).
New snaics can be ordered from your friendly naim dealer, assuming 1 or both snaics are faulty. Or get them reterminated possibly.

Hi cap is from a dealer, I bought the snaic4 second hand.

Ah ok prob the 2nd hand snaic then is faulty. New one will be worth it for peace of mind.

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