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Hi all - hopefully a simple one. In the connection diagram below is it possible to plug the 4pin Din interconnect terminal into either of the outputs indicated rather than the one showing as the preamp interconnect terminal:

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Hi Dave - they are all the same pin wise but the output socket nearest to socket 4 is considered to be best

Hi @DaveEngland I am not sure if you can, however I was told (by naim) that the nearest socket to the incoming cable (ie 3) was the best to use. EDIT Thanks HH for your answer.

The simple answer is of course yes, but it’s said that socket 3 is best as it has the shortest signal path, being next to socket 4.

This picture of the insides of a hicap may help.

Out of interest, what are you planning to do ?

Thanks all. It was just to assess whether to run a hiline to the preamp for my Superline rather than the standard 4/5 interconnect. If I plug the hiline into the recommended Hicap output then it will not fit because the Fraim back upright will be in the way. Using either of the other two outputs would be ok, hence the question.

Thanks all for helpful and prompt replies!

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