Hicap powering 2 amps?

Can I use a hicap to power two amps, say a 250 pair, by taking left and right din/xlr from the outputs, or do I really need a supercap?

Yes, you can do that. You’re just supplying the preamp output to the two power amps, not ‘powering’ them. What preamp are you using ?

The 250 is stereo. The outputs on a Hicap, or indeed a Supercap, are stereo. You’d therefore need to use special left and right mono leads. Using half of each 250 is a bit of a waste; you’d be better with a 300 or a pair of 135s.

Indeed, although it’s not quite clear what Bruss wants to achieve apart from being able to connect a pair of 250s. I’m sure all will be revealed soon…

I’m not planning to achieve anything in particular. I just have some spare kit laying around and wondering how it all works and what the capabilities are. Idle hands and all that suggest that using a left and right pair of xlr’s could allow me to connect an 82 to a pair of 250’s via a hicap, one to each speaker. No reason other than I have an idle mind. As HH points out using only one half of each 250 isn’t likely to add anything, unlike a pair of 135’s.

When the HICAP is powering a pre-amp it provides three stereo pre-outs.

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So if each are stereo it could theoretically connect to three separate room system amps? Goes off to run cables through the walls. :grinning:

Ah I see…If the speaker is capable of being bi-amped then you could use both channels of a 250 per speaker.

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Not quite, because it doesn’t like driving long interconnects and can easily go unstable, so best avoided, especially if driving more than one interconnect.

A better solution is to run an interconnect from the tape out to say another integrated or pre-power in another room. The advantage here is you also have local volume control. That way you can have a basic multi-room system.

Best idea, of course would be to run a proper multi-room streaming system. Naim streamers, Unitis and Mu-Sos are great for this.

Yeah, it’s ok Richard, I’m not suggesting doing this, just idly wondering.
I have set ups independently in each room. The only multiroom requirement is streaming/radio for daytime listening, currently Nodes.

Sorry if this thread has given anyone foolish ideas.

So, are there mono power amps in the current range, or is that a thing of the past?

The Statement power amps are monos.

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OK, thank you.
…that won’t affect me then! :slight_smile:


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