HiCap Questions

LP 12 Ittok 3 Dynavector 20xL Lingo 4 feed my Stageline S which is powered by Supernait 2. The Naim gear replaces Audiolab 8000c and Rotel 870bx. I am very happy with the Naim gear. My sole source is via phono.

Would a HiCap help?
How exactly does a HiCap work in this configuration? Would a HiCap provide better regulated power to both the Stageline and the preamp of the Supernait?


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Yes your assumption is right; when using the HiCap, the internal SN power supply is used to power only the power amplifier, while the HiCap powers the preamp section.

The Hicap is intended to power a single unit, so you could use it to power your Stageline S.

But then if used to power the supernait it would also power the stageline via the AUX socket. A configuration which can be preferable to Capping the stageline directly, to some anyway.

I don’t know much about the SuperNAIT or how it’s power supplies are connected internally - probably a question best addressed to whatever passes for Naim Customer Support these days.

One of the things that does appear to ring true about Naim systems is that the more separated regulated supplies that you have at the preamplifier stage (inc phono stage and even CDP output stages), the better the sound.

I can’t speak for the SN2 but a HCDR was a massive uplift for the SN1. Also have a stageline N powered via Aux2

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