Hicap service

Hi all ,my main rig is sounding off. The hicap is feeding a recently serviced 250 and 72
The sound im getting is generally weak and anemic is my best way of describing it, wondering if hicap needs a fettle

The Hicap powers the 72, signal goes through the Hicap to the 250.
When was the 250 last serviced as the sound you are getting I think more aligns to this.

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12 month ago at naim

That’s good to know. Do you know when the Hicap was last serviced?

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How often does Naim gear need to be serviced if left on 24/7?

The same as if it is off 24/7. Capacitors degrade whether they are in use or not.

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not necessarily, heat is the enemy

The FAQ might help here;


Hicap over 10 years at least ,what are the signs of a failed hicap on the 72 ?

I would just send it in, and the NAC72 too. Then you will no longer have doubts.

If it has failed then it won’t work. If it needs a service then it will most likely manifest as impaired sound performance; it can range from a sense of thickness, slowness to hardness and brightness.


Electrolytic caps degrade whether used or not. Heat accelerates the degradation. It’s a bit more complex than simple drying out; there is a chemical change. But drying out of the electrolyte also occurs. They can be inspected and tested/measured but still sound poor. They are low-cost items that are not intended to last forever.


A failed cap in a Hicap could go pop if it fails with a dead short. Ive seen larger ( non hifi ) capacitors fail dramatically. Bits of dead cap inside electrical enclosures; makes quite a mess.
A dead short type failure is likely to also take out the rectifer in the hicap also.

I agree, i had a 72/140/Hi-cap which was not used stored away for about 15 years. When i came to use it again 72 and 140 were fine, but the hi-cap popped. Four tantalum capacitors and one voltage regulator had to be replaced.

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