HiCap/Snaxo spares

I was today at Lasa service centre, who ordered me some spares, among them, a front panel for Snaxo and a case for HiCap, to be told that the latter Is no longer available. Saying that i’m disappointed Is an understatement. It’ s really unconciveable that a product built until a few months ago, already has no spares available.

By spares, you’d normally think of switches, feet, capacitors etc, not the cases themselves. It’s surely impractical for Naim to keep stocks of cases, and a new case is not something that people would normally want.

What’s happened to your Hicap that means you would like a new case?

It was a pre owned unit i had to by with the Snaxo, take It or leave the Snaxo. It shows a few marks annoying for me, bearing in mind what i played for It and the following service

Could you swap the two cases?

I’m sure that Naim’s Service people could tell you what paint is used, then do that yourself.

Some dealers have a backroom with knackered Naim kid that isn’t worth fixing but they raid for parts, such as cases. It may be worth contacting your dealer rather than the service centre.

I’ve seen stock rooms with stacks of knackered, never to be repaired Olive gear. Not worth the cost of repair at Naim. Too valuable to dispose of.

It can be a solution, but my dealer has no such spares at the moment, and find one in mint condition, Is a sort of lottery win. I’ve already been lucky enough with him, to find a CDX2 disc tray, a few years ago, when at Naim was already out of stock. I can imagine someone’s anger who bought something new last year, in need of spares now out of stock

Frank Hölzel, a former employee of Musicline (now Focal Naim Deutschland), offers refurbishment/service of olive and CB kit in Germany. Among other things, he recently offered replacement shoebox cases, too. His website is currently in a state of limbo after he announced before Christmas that he would re-open the site and offer his services again from the end of January.

It might be worth trying him when his website re-opens again. Try a search for his name and Sequence Audio.

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Thanks for the info

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