Hicap + stageline vs i-supply

I would like to find out if I improve turntable (Rega P3 with Elys 1) sound of a Kenwood Ka-7100 amplifier with my stageline.
Napsc is impossible to hook up.

What is the best solution?

  1. Buying a Naim i-supply
  2. Taking my Hicap off the Naim system and powering as a stand alone the stageline (if that works?).
    Thanks a lot.


The iSupply isn’t made anymore, occasionally you see them 2nd hand. The Stageline sounds good powered from a Naim preamp but even better when powered with a hicap.



  1. You’ll probably be better off powering the Stageline via the AUX2 of your NAC282/Hicap as opposed to the i-Supply. However, the i-Supply is the basic supply for the Stageline if using stand-alone. If considering an i-Supply, then you’ll get better performance from a Flatcap for not a great deal more money secondhand.

  2. You’ll need a Hicap to power your NAC282, however if it’s just a temporary test, then you can power down the Naim system, disconnect the Hicap and then use it to power the Stageline. Note that you’ll need a DIN4 -RCA interconnect to connect to the Kenwood amp.

My thought’s; I’m not sure whether it will be worthwhile. The Stageline has a fairly dark feel to its sound and I find that when married to a cart like the Elys2, it can sound a bit dull and lacking sparkle. What’s the phono input like on the Kenwood?

Hello Richard.
The phono preamplifier of the 70ies Kenwood Ka-7100 and Kenwood Ka-3700 are amazing. It sounds really good, better than over my Rotel Ra-980 Bx and better than over Nac 282 with Hicap. Rega P3 with Elys 1 over Naim system to my Avantgarde Duo G1…did not match.

Now I found a great sound to listen to my records with the old Kenwood through B&W DM 601 S2.
I will try to connect B&W DM 580 in the next days.
I had 2 hernia surgeries, so it’s no more easy to carry my 11 kg Kenwood.

When I will have my holidays in some weeks or at the next thunderstorm, I will then disconnect my Naim systen and try out the Hicap with the Stageline to the Kenwood vintage amp, just to see if I will get more details without sounding bright, as the Kenwood never sounds harsh, what my Rotel does. At home office now, Rotel sounded too aggressive after hours. Kenwood sounds warm and my tinnitus prefers Kenwood.

So if I know that i-supply will not be of any plus compared to the hicap as a standalone power for the stageline, there is no need to search for a used one.

Thanks a lot.
It will be interesting to see.
I’m planning to upgrade my Elys 1 to an Exact from Rega. But I’m glad I rediscovered turntable. Rega + Naim + Avantgarde did not produce an analogue sound :slight_smile:
Stay safe.

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Simply buy a Rega Ania cartridge and enjoy.
Of course you will need a stageline suitable for mc cartridge

My stageline N is suitable for both MM and MC imho Ok, I’ll have a look at the Ania, not that it is a 1000 GBP cartridge for a 600 GBP turntable :slight_smile:Thanks

I updated my 2016 P3 / Exact with a Ania cartridge and the improvement in sq is remarkable. Tonal balance and soundstage are very good and imo vocals and acoustic instruments sound amazing.
BTW I’ m talking about the Ania not the Ania Pro. Cheers

Stageline N is for MM or High Output MC.

The Ania is a low output MC and so a Stageline S or K would be more suitable.

Hello Richard.
I read somewhere that stageline N was suitable for both, now I know
that it is not the case when I wanna switch to Exact or Ania. Very sad news as I have already around 85 hifi components including my new beloved Nat 02 :slight_smile: By the way I have the RB 300 tone arm. Will it be ok to add 600 eur for a cartridge + 400 eur for a preamp for a Rega P3 from 2000. Or should I invest in a VPI, a Rega P6, P9, Bergmann or Linn (suppose Linn are complicated for beginners), good old Thorens, or other brand (no Transrotor!) where a good cartridge is already included. When I start the old game of spending money for upgrades, then I will also buy the Diapason Adamentes and a decent tube amplifier, which I could connect to my Avantgarde :slight_smile: Well, I suppose I’m going to enjoy my 100 records and take some time to reflect about it. No room left :frowning:

And the Rega Aria as a plus to pair the Ania ?

my P3 is from 2000 !

Well I never - didn’t think I would find a use for I-supply!

I don’t know. I’m using a Stageline “S” connected to the powered input of a nac 252 and I’m really happy with the sound coming out of my P3.

It’s the Avantgarde Duo G1 not suitable for turntable, Toto. Queen… I suppose, too harsh if it gets rocky, or the Elys 1 does not match

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