I supply / stageline

Anyone using the above? And what’s you thoughts on it, thank you

i-Supply will more than get you by, if you can find one. It’s not the le dernier cri and you will need to be sure that your Stageline has two DINs not one.

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I had a spare Hiccup lying around (doesn’t everyone?), so I use that for my Stageline.

Anticipating your next question, what is this about one DIN and two DINs on the Stageline?

The original [one DIN] Stageline could be powered from AUX2 on the contemporaneous Nait 5.

Then Naim dropped the Nait 5 and came out with the Nait 5i. This did not have AUX2. So Naim modified the Stageline so that it now had two DINs*. This meant that it could powered from the affordable i-Supply which was introduced at the same time.

(* Naim would insist that they did other things to make it better too).

I am currently using an i-supply to power a Stageline N between my Linn Basik/Akito/K5 and NAC-N272.
I suspect it may sound better with a Flatcap or a HiCap, but it works and sounds good.
I haven’t heard it powered by any alternative so can’t comment on how much it may improve.
I may upgrade it later if I can, but I am happy with the sound at the moment, and am spending on more vinyl instead.
The 5 pin (power and signal) gets used by the i-supply, so you will need a 4 pin (signal only) to connect to your amplifier.
Unless your amp can supply power to the stageline, then use that instead of the i-supply.

I had an i-Supply for a while. Got it just in case I ever got rid of my Nain preamp. Tried it with my Stageline K and wasn’t impressed. Went back to powering the Stageline with my 252 - much (MUCH) better.

I guess if that’s all you have, it does work, just not the best solution.

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