Hicap vs Supercap

In the way to borrow a SupercapDR for a home test, a possible upgrade for my HicapDR, in a 282, 300DR setup.
Following the manual, the NAPSC will stay connected as is, 2 cables (1 new) between Supercap and 282, 2 existing cables between Supercap and 300.
Correct ?
Hope I can hear a 4000€ or so improvement…

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Yes. Simples… :grin:

In some ways, an SC is overkill for an 82 or 282, because only four of its thirteen available 24V rails are actually used by the 82/282.

Certainly four rails will give an improvement over the two that you currently get from your existing single Hicap. Whether you get €4000 worth of improvement is something only you can decide.

There is, of course a half-way house by adding a second Hicap. This will get you a total of four rails, and occupy the same floor area as a Supercap, but for less money.

Of course, if you have aspirations towards a 252 in the future (a good aspiration to have :slight_smile: ), then a Supercap would make sense.


Mesmo muito simples, IanRobertM.
After my gym class I had a suplement 5 mn exercise of weigh lifting, flexibility and body coordination replacing the Hicap for the Supercap and connecting the 5 cables involved.
First benefit: The Supercap doesn´t Humm as the Hicap does.
First musical impression : More bass, less voices.
But the Supercap was not used for weeks needs running, after a couple of days I will get a better opinion.

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I can’t predict the future, but I think you will be doing more than borrowing from my experience

282 will love you

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The Supercap on a 282 or 82 has been described as a Gateway Drug… :astonished:

Which I am resisting… Just 2 HiCaps on my 82…


I changed to a Supercap DR to my 282/HiCapDR/300DR setup and it was a useful improvement but I could have happily stayed with the HiCap DR. I did move to a 252 shortly afterwards and after an initial ‘wobble’ have found that to be very worthwhile.

In your situation I would be mulling over removing the CDX2 and adding a power supply to your NDX2. I have a feeling that will yield more benefit than a SuperCap on the 282.


My first impressions were with the CDX2, didn´t try yet the NDX2.
Last comparisons between the two before software upgrade of NDX2 and with Hicap give advantage to the CDX2.
I will give some time with the CDX2 and then turn to the NDX2.

Your two Hicaps are identical DR models / year ?

Mine is a s/n 395xxx, 2015 model.

Anyone find it odd that the Supercap is set up to fully power a 252 but needs the NAPSC to power a 282? I realise the ‘digital’ out of the SC is at 12V whereas the NAPSC is 18.5V … presumably they are powering the same aspects on their respective pre-amplifiers?

A comparison of supercap on 282 against a ps on a CDX2 led me to go for a used 555ps before buying a supercap but that was with a 250-2. Later I discovered just how much the CDX2 liked being on a full Fraim shelf, I’d take that before the ps in hindsight. I don’t know about the NDX2, whether it would react the same to Fraim, I suspect not as much but a Full stack of Fraim at this point might be worth considering.

You will!!

Yes, you’re right in that the SC ‘digital’ supply and the NAPSC power the control and switching sections of the 252 and 282 respectively. The 282 just contains an additional LM317 regulator. The 202 works in the same way as the 282, but needs to be able to handle up to 24v as a 202 user may not be using a NAPSC.

Used on the 282 the SCDR is a marked improvement over the HCDR the biggest problem is the temptation to upgrade to the 252.


Only get a SC if you are going to a 252.
I tried a SCdr for a couple of weeks, could not tell what the fuss was about. Stuck with my 2 HCdrs.
As others have noted you only get the benefit of 4 rails with the SC. Same as with 2 HCs.

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Best do the demo and find out for yourself. Agreed, only 4 rails are used in both cases, but the SC over 2xHC can give a good uplift on the 282.

Different systems, different tastes, different results :slightly_smiling_face:

There are alternatives for the 82/282 other than a full upgrade to a 52/252.
There is a mod out there carried out by a name which I will keep under my hat as I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to mention them as it’s an unapproved Naim mod.
I’ sure Richard will be along in a mo to set me straight.
Anyway the reviews are quite promising and encouraging.
I have added a SC to my 82 and find that there has been a definite improvement….just sounds a bit more fuller and detailed…but that could be my imagination justifying the outlay and replacing the 2X Olive HCs! :thinking:

SCDR transforms the 282.


Well, I don´t know if it was a rainy day in Georgia but sure was in Parede, where I live, so I spent the major part of the day listening Gloria Estefan, Judy Collins and Pat Metheny via NDX2/Tidal.
The unbalanced sound of a cold Supercap connected to the CDX2 vanished, the combo never sounded better, a rich, coeherent and fuller sound that don´t distract you from the music and the interpreters.
The major part of the improvement is relating of connecting the 2 inputs/channels, which could be done with 2 hicap´s, or the extra quality of the supercap ?
And what about having two different hicap´s, DR + non DR, or DR + DR newer /older ?
I don´t intend to go to 252, nor to buy new cables, hifi furniture or a new house.
Only improving the 282, and upset of the humming of my hicap. This supercap is superb in that regard.