HicapDR best use?

Have a Stageline connected to my SN3 and really happy.

Just wanted to know if I were to get a HicapDR where would it be best used on the SN3 or the Stageline?


When I had my Stageline, I think I powered it with the HC - can’t honestly remember. But, going on the principle of source first…

You could always try swapping between, see what you prefer soundwise.

If vinyl is your only or very much preferred source then I would suggest on the Stageline. But if you use several source components then you might prefer on the SN - spread the love you might say!


I have a SN2/Stageline/HiCapDR. The Hicap is on the SN2. I’m happy with it powering the SN2 preamp side so not inclined to bother as vinyl is not the most used in my system. You get the benefit of the HiCap for vinyl and digital by using it on the SN preamp I would think.

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Putting it on the Supernait will also give some benefit to the AUX2 feed to the Stageline. Of course, if vinyl is your primary source then you could also try just dedicating it to to the Stageline, but note you’ll also need a 4-5 interconnect as well as the SNAIC 5.

Thanks guys. Has anyone tried a SupercapDR? Or is that overkill?

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