Hiding tv cables ‘in-wall’

The brush face plates are good for cables coming out of trunking or the wall, use them in a number of places.

For the wall, as you are having it plastered, cut a largish channel in the wall, put some suitable trunking in the channel, then plaster over that. At the top and bottom of the channel you can fit a socket back box with the side cut out, sunk into the wall for the brush face plate to fix onto.


Thanks everyone, I was hoping there was some kind of trunking out there with either built in or add on curves top and bottom, so as to facilitate the feeding of the cables in and out at either end to something flush with the wall, over which could be laid the brushed faceplates if need be.

If there isn’t there should be!

I do have some pull down rods and cords which are very handy

Why do you think you need curves? Most conduits just sit in the line of the wall and drop in to a (recessed) backbox, over which fits a faceplate (easy to remove and feed any cable through) – also easy to cut a side out of a backbox to allow better access.

The conduit would need to be quite a large diameter to accommodate (say) 2 x HDMIs and introducing curves would likely cause issues with internal lips and angulations(?)

Have you cavity walls? If so, you could run cabling through these?

P.S. You could use this kind of conduit/tubing?


You can get a HDMI over Ethernet extender where all you need is a length of CAT6 and a HDMI extender on each end.

Perfect for locations as where you don’t want to run a long length of bulky HDMI.

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And lower cost. If the HDMI will be over 5m and needs to be 4/8K at 60fps compliant, two high quality short HDMI cables and the HDMI over Ethernet boxes will be cheaper.

The solution I went for was Samsung’s one cable, supplying signal and power in a near invisible cable (see bottom right). All connections are in a separate box located away from the TV.


A tangent but chap came round to disconnect gas to the fireplace before we rip it out.

Turns out we’ve got a faulty gas valve on the boiler. The boiler is 25 years old and the part is obsolete and can’t be replaced. So now we need a new boiler and right now have no central heating because the gas leak from the valve is on the limit of safety margins!

So, the fire’s been on the last two evenings. Twice more than it has been in the last ten years! Bloody useless thing though, fine if you’re sat in front of it but pretty inefficient otherwise.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I think I’m just going to trawl for best fit enclosed hard plastic trunking and figure out an easy way to slip cables in and out, top and bottom, through some brushed faceplates which is what I’d kind of figured in the first place.

I like the Samsung ‘one cable’ solution but would prefer complete invisibility and flexibility.

25 Years is pretty good going. On the upside, you should notice the efficiency improvements in newer condensing boilers

Yes agreed.

Clearly it’s not going to cost peanuts to replace, expecially accomodating regulatory changes since 1998 will add to the costs but I’m not that upset about it.

And frankly, a week without the thermostat turned up to Mrs JW’s preferences might just cover it!


I built an extension and set conduit through the wall and under the floor for speaker cable. Ihave always hated seeing cables running across the floor - even really lovely pricey ones. Prior to installation I tested out how the cables and more importantly the connectors would ‘slide through’ the conduit. As others have pointed outgo for gradual bends not 90° corners. Chiselling out the plaster or wall shouldn’t prove too difficult. Use Drywall Adhesive to fill the channels, you might have to apply several applications if the channel is verydeep. This adhesive is truly magnificient as it is easy to apply, sets rock hard with no shrinkage and is as hard as stone. It is like a turbo filler. I too would recommend the brush type facia plates. If the cables are not stiff enough to feed through on their own then place a drawstring in the conduit during the initial installation.

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Ahh the classic plight of nearly every man. The other half demanding nothing less than the indoor temperature to be as hot as surface of the sun. And the moaning when not at that temp being on a level claiming domestic abuse.

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