HiFi/AV in a single system

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My Covid project (with the help of my very friendly dealer, Mike) has been to build a system that is as good with stereo music as it is with AV. One of the key principles I was working to was to go with Naim application as much as possible, which has been built up over the last 2 years.

Next on the list is a NDX2 and we’ll see where things go from there…:grin: :grin:


I have found that combining the two can get overly complicated. I once had a 7.2 system in my basement,and 2 channel upstairs (Naim).When I moved to my current apartment,at first I tried combining both in the same room,but decided against it eventually…too many boxes,cables,remotes and connection confusion.

Totally understand that! The Harmony remote is a god send!

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Lovely set up!
Our living room system is a combined stereo/AV set-up - seriously easy to simply switch to ‘Av’ on our Naim to bring in the AV amp and additional speakers.


And (will be) much missed.



Definitely… The likes of Control4, whilst they a Cleary very competent devices, just don’t stack up for me. The need to by drivers and pay for maintenance/someone to update the device just doesn’t sit well with me personally. I fully understand and appreciate why people use them though. Loved the idea of the original Nee remote, just don’t want to be tied into an ecosystem

Yep. Love ours. Stopped any problems with Mrs n and remote control issues !

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