HiFi Couriers - any recommendations please?

Anyone heard of these people? Any good?


I want to collect some heavy separates from someone. So I got t a quote from their on-line calculator and it recommended the usual companies- DPD, UPS, Royal mail etc. Why not just go direct to the carriers themselves? Am I missing something? Probably me being daft…


There seems little point as they use the couriers anyway. Maybe their commission is more than offset by a better deal with the courier, but the only way to know is to get a quote. I’ve used DPD recently an they have been fine.

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I have used Interparcel a few times recently. You can choose the deal and the courier you want and there is the option to increase the level of insurance cover above the very low standard rates. I have used UPS, dropping off at a local agent (shop), several times in the past year with no problems. I still pack the goods up very securely though.

Thanks @hungryhalibut. I’ve been going around getting quotes and they’re about the same. Hmmmm… curious. I’m kind of sold on the idea that they specialise in transporting hifi. I’ll give them a telephone call on Monday and ask them what their USP is. I’ll let you one what they say.

Maybe they do, but their partners such as DPD don’t. They will just sling it in with everything else. It would be good to know exactly what their added value is, because on the face of it, it seems to be none.

Thanks @AndrewG. I’ll get a quote from them. Let you know the outcome. Thanks for taking the time to answer @hungryhalibut and @AndrewG


Overland Express were recommended to me by Class A. They were cheaper than going direct.

Hello @hungryhalibut

Agreed. It’s all rather curious…and hifi slinging is never good look :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll give 'em a cal this morning - as ever thanks for your input. Always appreciated.

Thanks @PW42 - I’m calling them this morning to find out what they do exactly. It’s reassuring to hear that you were recommended by Class A…good to know :+1:

I can’t imagine any courier can guarantee safe arrival unless they deliver it personally. And if they did, I’d want to know how they do it. End to end will involve many people handling your package. Either deliver it yourself, or protect it assuming it will get dropped,kicked,bashed etc.

I can give you my experience with couriers.
20 years ago, I sold an underwater camera and lenses to a Japanese gentleman, I sent them to Japan via a courier , can’t remember the couriers but they had yellow livery with some red.
About 15 years ago I sold an underwater flashgun to gentleman in Hong Kong, that went by Royal Mail.
Just last week I sent an OTA (telescope) and accessories from up north to down south via UPS.
All arrived intact no damage each person happy with delivery.
I don’t worry but I would insure it though.

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