Hifi News 300 series review

Often, but they gave also the “ outstanding product “ label for the 333/300/332/300/350 system.

I could download the review for free, on the Zinio app.

Whose comments classify as “clever”?

As far as I can see the review is not yet available online for anyone without a subscription to HFN, so unsurprising not all have read it yet, though they likely will have read the conclusion you posted.

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I was recently gifted a subscription to HFN and as yet have seen nothing higher than 88%.

My take on reviews is that they either tell you that it’s rubbish or not rubbish. Anything in between is subjective. When I look at a component, the only thing that might put me off is whether someone has absolutely slated it. After that the only criteria that matters to me is cost, looks and whether it fits with my system. I guess that means the new 300 series fits into the “Not rubbish” category, it looks good and would fit into my system. BUT, it’s too pricey for me to consider at this stage. :blush:

Not what it sounds like, to you?

Kind of what not rubbish and fits into my system covers. However, I wouldn’t buy something that sounded great but I couldn’t stand the look of (E.g. Accuphase amps) or was just too pricey (newer Naim stuff). I guess that’s why I have settled on used Naim and I haven’t found anything that I don’t like the sound of yet in that category :wink:

I don’t know why so many people are bothered by reviews.


That’s simply wrong. I have no subscription to HiFi News, but I bought a copy in a newsagent last week because I wanted to read the review.


And the ‘clever people’ are those who are able to comment on the review without even reading it - quite a few, it seems.

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Graham he says “not available online”. Of course anyone can go and buy a copy of it in WHSmiths. That’s obvious.

So why not just do that, rather than wait for it to become available online, if he wants to make a useful contribution to what’s being discussed?

Anyway, life’s too short to worry…

I stopped reading HiFi magazines after the sad demise of HiFi World. They now fall into two categories.
HiFi Choice and What HiFi - too many press releases and very lightweight reviews
The rest, including HiFi News & RR - pompous, journalism and a failure to understand what people are actually buying.


I should have included the word “online”! [Edit: I see I did!] In my case I have no idea when I will next be passing a newsagent that stocks HFN - I rarely pass newsagents at all, and smaller ones near me wouldn’t stock it. (I don’t live in a town, and in my nearest town I think there is only one newsagent that might possibly have a copy or two based on last time I was looking for a hi-fi mag.) Probably an opportunity in two weeks time or so, and if I don’t think about going out of my way to find it then it’ll be mid Dec before the opportunity arises again! Is it worth the cost of the mag?

If it helps provide context the HiFi News issue awarded two products 85%, one product 87%, three products (including the Naim 300 series) 88% and one product got 89%.

This excludes vintage hifi, which get lower scores.

The 300 series review was for the NSS 333, NAC 332 and NAP 350 - power supplies were not included.

The product with 89% is the Soulnote E2 phono stage.

Benchmark pre amp was awarded 90.

I think some folks need their expensive hifi kit to be validated so they can enjoy it properly.

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As did the Statement. Not sure they sound the same though :wink:

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I assume peoole use reviews to help inform what to audition, or for the many who can’t audition, what to buy.


Well, that’s probably true Richard. I don’t think the LA4 sounds of anything, but the source. Never heard what sound the Statement makes!


As stated above these numbers have no meaning whatsoever. They can only be subjective. Is anyone going to discount a product that scored 85% in favour of one that scored 87%? Or perhaps even buy the 87% product because it scored well. Absolute nonsense - and that’s me expressing my view politely. The five star system of HFC would be more helpful if some products were actually awarded less than 4 stars. Scoring in percentage points provides a wholly false impression of precision.

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