High End Munich 2023

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Focal, Naim Audio
And there’s more to come next month as Naim’s anniversary celebrations continue. Focal and Naim will hold a press conference on Thursday (18th) of may of the show to unveil more new products.
Atrium 4.1, F111


I am looking forward to the show, most probably I will again go for two days and make as usual a show report….


Your reports are amazing


If you get a chance I’d be interested to hear what you think of the Troels Gravesen speakers in the ScanSpeak room … assuming he has them there again this year.


Same as my request last year, so I back this request. @BertBird

But I have also wondered if any other speakers are his. It’s public knowledge that not all commercial speakers, even by renowned brands, are designed in house. And he is a renowned designer after all, who’s known to have NDAs (plenty of Don't ask statements on his site).


@BertBird The Purifi room might have his designs as well.

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I will try to do my best in fulfilling all requests, but let’s see how far I come. I also want to make sure that it’s quality time. I tend to stay a bit or for a complete demo, as long as I like what I hear…… a lot of rooms to cover, and still also making sensible notes……
But as you all know, happy to write again an extensive report.


I fully understand you’re there for you, not me. Also fine if you say you don’t care about Troels, or designs you can’t buy commercially.

I’ll be looking forward to the report either way.

It’s not that I am not prepared to make the effort. It’s just the sheer size of the show which makes it difficult to cover everything with a good quality level. The real demos will normally cost you 30 minutes plus a bit of break time as you need to be on time. Then there are some guys who have always an interesting run of music, so you enjoy to be there…., and then it’s again over.
Last year I almost didn’t cover the halls which very often have the interesting new headphones etc, but it’s just too much for the time available.

I do hope for a better presentation of Naim for this year. Last year the stand and demos have been very dissapointing. I hope they go the extra mile for 50 years….


Looking forward to Naim announcing/launching the new 300 series pre and (particularly the) power monoblocs :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully then the Dealers will get some demo stock… :smiley:

Are you 100% sure. The streamer NSS333 for sure and possibly the pre. Let’s see what comes out

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I’d put my money on active Focals with the 300 coming later in the year….maybe!

I very much doubt it - if they do it’s a massive compromise against Naim’s core principles.

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On the 18th we will be wiser on what is coming out. I can then bring you the first experiences on the 20th, assuming they demo the new stuff


I think they already committed that sin unfortunately

Sinners are more interesting than Saints.

Varifocals, that would be something.


Maybe new Uniti babies? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

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It will be interesting to see what this is and where it sits with the NDX2 and ND555. Just a remodelled NDX2 with the option to utilise 2 burndys from the NPX300, or maybe something more radical that includes a CD transport/ripper and on board storage to be an all-in-one streamer solution as such?

Don’t forget the obligatory toaster.