High Pitched Noise Streaming to Uniti Atom

Hey all,

Recently picked up a Uniti Atom for use in the living room. I commonly stream from Roon but have tested with Tidal, Spotify, and even the built in radio for this issue. When I pause playback from any of these sources a high pitched sound plays through the speakers. I measured it to be around 14.5kHz. I have a Uniti Atom HE in another room hooked up to a NAD amplifier and have not experienced this before. Very occasionally I hear a similar blip when playback is continuous and the track switches. Any idea what might be causing this and how it can be resolved?


It’s a guess, but try sorting out the cables, and obey cable management; ie could be a power cable looping around another cable and adding interference. Also make sure all plugs are properly seated eg the iec mains plugs sometimes need a good shove into the socket.
Also which speaker cables are you using?

Thanks. I’ll clean up the cabling a bit but I should note that I didn’t have this issue with the previous powernode 2i that I had. I simply swapped the powernode for the naim. The speaker cable is 14AWG cables I put together myself with banana plugs I purchased separately. The speakers are KEF LS50s. There’s no audible noise when the input is set to HDMI but nothing is playing on the TV. The noise immediately disappears when I resume playback on the track that was paused.

What devices other than the tv are connected?
Are the speaker cables +/- running in parallel or have you woven them? The impedance/capacitance values can be important, does the unit get overly hot?

If you disconnect the TV completely, does the noise go away?

Thanks for the reply. The speaker cables currently run parallel to each other. There are no other input devices besides the TV via HDMI. I do have a subwoofer connected to pre out using an RCA cable with both left and right channels.

It’s a generalisation, but …

Like this, good:

Like this; bad:

Thanks again. Yes, the speaker cable is like the top image. Your questions regarding cabling were very helpful. I unplugged the subwoofer and the issue was immediately resolved. Swapping to a shorter and newer cable has fixed the issue entirely. Thanks for your help!

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