High quality streaming transport?

I am thinking of upgrading one of my streamers. I currently run an Auralic Altair G1 and the ‘sensible’ option is to upgrade to one of Auralics better products. I am keen to look at alternatives though. Does anyone use Amazon Unlimited hires as a source and has any thoughts on high quality streaming transports which they have heard?

ND5XS2 is a high-quality streaming transport that goes perfectly with Naim amplification.

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Not Amazon unlimited capable though.

Do you need an onboard DAC as with the Altair?

No I can use a Vega for the dac.

Just another Aries then :wink:

I haven’t heard them side by side but when I got my Aries G1.1. I remember a couple of reviews stating it was an improvement on the G1. On discount at a few places with the new S1 stealing the limelight…

This is my thinking too. I just wanted to check out what new kit has come along since I last bought in to Auralic. always nice to have a choice. :smile:

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Barring obs exceptions like Auralic, there does seem to be a trend towards combi products again i.e. streamer/Dac/Amp

Yes but Aurender and Mytek still run separate transports I think? The problem is with those I haven’t seen any mention of Amazon integration.

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