Hiline 5 Din Cable.

Good morning everyone, I ask for advice, I could buy a 5 din hiline cable and I’m trying it, between the ndac and nait xs2, I must say that I notice a lot of detail but the bass, compared to the classic cable, is a little lost; I read in other discussions that you should put the cable in and then slowly make it go back to hear better. Could you explain this step better to me? Would it take away all this analytics? given the delicacy of the cable I wouldn’t want to cause any damage. Thank you .

Is it completely new? If so it needs something like 100hours of playtime to perform at its best.

In terms of pulling it out it is simply to first insert it fully and then grab the metal housing of the cable and pull it back out 1-2mm. You will feel how it grabs the connector harder when doing so causing a better connection.

The lavender cable is indeed a warm sounding cable but you should appreciate the deeper and less woolly bass definition when you have adjusted to Hiline signature.