HiLine on Naim tuner...works for me


When I was looking at the online manual for the NAT05XS recently to help @ptcm10 with a power supply question, I noticed Naim recommend a HiLine as being the best interconnect for it. :slight_smile:

So I tried mine on my NAT05. Richer, more airy, more expansive. Works for me :slight_smile: I wanted to let you know in case the idea appeals to you.

There may be a few naysayers. Please try not to spoil my pleasure!



On a NAT01 is made a nice difference for sure! Your ears tell a better tale than anyone else’s subjective view.


I initially misread the twelfth word of your second paragraph, but if it works, that’s all that matters.

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Edit. Just picked up a 5 pin to 5 pin Hi-Line on the Bay so we’ll see what it brings to the party. @Christopher_M , I blame you :grin:

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Always good to hear of some enthusiasm Mark! I hope you enjoy it on your NAT01. Please report back on your findings :slight_smile:

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I have Super Lumina 5 pin. Hiline pales in comparison :joy: Lemme try and let you guys know how it goes.

Interestingly I moved back to a HiLine from SL as it sounds more natural to me. The SL was more HiFi and impressive for sure but the naturalness of vocals and instrument texture is better to my ears with the HiLine

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Crikey! That was £300 well spent! What a swine to get in though.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The manual wasn’t joking when it said patience is required. Worth it in the end though. A much more natural sound. The cheap cable I was using was really holding the old girl back.

Cheers Chris for prompting this huge upgrade :grin:


I put a HiLine from nDAC to 52 recently and it had a good effect on SQ.

Thanks Mark, and very pleased to hear this. It’s great to read that even the legendary 01 can be improved, as you and before you, @Steve, have experienced.

Cheers, C.

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Currently using full SL i/c + NACA5, except NAT01 where i/c is HL
Reading through the thread, @ptcm10 and @Steve seem to suggest they have installed or used a SL i/c on NAT01. Is that correct?
IIRC Naim suggested SL was not recommended / did not fit properly to NAT01 output socket.
Is there a way to make it work? Thanks

@sound-hound sorry I was not clear I only used HiLine on Nat01. SL would not suit it imo. The NAT01 is so organic and the SL seems to accentuate certain frequencies which leave the presentation more HiFi and slightly less organic. Your ears may differ from mine though.

Thanks Steve, follow your logic. By coincidence my dealer rang earlier and I mentioned my post. He repeated that Naim have reservations about the fit, so was reluctant to order one for me previously.
I see from profile that you have one of the few xps ps for the 01. I feed my 01 with a G17 which the late RS rigged himself, many moons ago now. Fly lead went u/s two weeks ago and I feared water ingress in the downlead, until swapping it cured the issue. How do you feed yours?

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