Hiquphon OW2-92 Tweeter for SBL

Richard & All: Was it ever stated that the Hiquphon OW2-92 Tweeter would not be a good match for the SBLs? If yes, why?

I don’t know if Hiquphon have an agency in your part of the world, but in the UK it’s an outfit called Willys Hi-Fi. I found them most helpful in supplying replacement tweeters for my venerable Kans (OW1-92’s as it happens). My dealer ordered/installed these on my behalf with a very satisfactory result. Willys web-site suggests the OW2-92 would be a match for your SBL’s but then, they would say that. However, I found them responsive/helpful to my initial queries when looking for replacement tweeters so it might pay you to make contact with a suitably worded enquiry. They appear to have a comprehensive stock of hf units so may be able to suggest alternatives/answer your queries. I realise this doesn’t answer your question directly but might be of use to you in the future. Needless to say I have no connection with Willys Hi-Fi!

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I also have the OW1-92s installed in my Keilidhs. If the OW2s are anything like then they should transform your SBLs. I treated my Keilidhs to a full rebuild with Hiquphon tweeters and Monacor drivers and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best most satisfying things I’ve done in. My hifi journey.

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Thanks for your responses. There actually is a Hiquphon supplier here in the US and they have been extremely helpful. My plan is try both the Scan Speak D2008/852100 and the Hiquphon OW2-92 - maybe even one on each side for comparison.