Hiquphone ow2 tweeter

Has anybody had any experience using these tweeters as replacements for scanspeak 2008 in SBLs…OW2s 92

I’ve put the OW1-92s in my Keilidhs and they are a magnificent upgrade. I’m still over the moon with them after 9months. Not sure how different to the OW2s they are but I that the difference are more to do with mounting them than sound.

Replaced my SPKR 38/II in my then Keltiks with OW1-92s…
Highly recommended

You might not get many replies. When I was researching my upgrade I only found one online post from someone who had actually done the upgrade.

I’d be very careful. There are two version of the 2008 and they have different efficiencies. One is 87dB/W and the other knocking on 90. I think, but am not absolutely sure, that the SBLs used the lower efficiency one, as Linn did, the 2008 8512. In later speakers like the SL2s I know they used a higher efficiency 2010 but I don’t think that was the choice earlier on. If you do put higher efficiency tweeters in, it’s not a small difference and it will spit at you like a cat.

Apart from the very lavish pricing OW has on his tweeters, there’s also another problem which is that they have a higher series resistance than the Scan Speak versions, because of the thinner internal wires. This is an additional 0.3 ohms above the standard 5.6 or 5.7 ohms. I know it worked well in the Linn changeover but most of that improvement came about because of the change in shape of the throat/waveguide.

If you are running your SBLs actively then the change in DCR will make very little difference - certainly, if your ears are that refined, nothing you can’t adjust away in the level settings in the SNAXO. But passively the DCR difference will adjust both the level and slightly modify the crossover point. Not by much, though, and certainly not as much as choosing the wrong efficiency tweeter.

Since you have an Oscar Wroendling budget I would personally look for some original D20-LP1s in perfect condition. I’d have to look at the datasheets again but another possibility is to get some D20LP1s and put new innards (from the OW-1s) in them. That gives you both a new tweeter and the better dispersion. Taking them apart is a fair bit trickier than with the D2008s, though.

Hi, are you the Chris Thomas who Worked at Audio Venue in Crystal Palace

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No, he was a Christopher. I did know him, though. Sadly he died recently. And nor am I the record producer, Chris Thomas. :slight_smile:

Hi…sorry to hear about Christopher, he was a real gentleman PS. thanks for your post best regards Derek.

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