History of Superuniti

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I got offer to buy user superuniti and it’s manuafactured in 2011. serial number starts with 32XXXX.

I would like to understand difference between bluetooth version and non bluetooth version in terms of sound quality. Is there a major significant changes to consider.

And, I would like to know amplifier section of superuniti. Does it have Supernait or Supernait2. As per product page instruction it has supernait2. but superuniti release on 2011 and supernait3 release on 2013.


I believe it’s just the addition of the Bluetooth module using aptx technology.
Original supernait.
If the price advertised reflects that it’s one of the first units made (they were on sale from November 2011) and you don’t need Bluetooth connectivity, then it’s an excellent unit.

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The two versions sound exactly the same.

What Naim say is that the SU shares ‘the same design DNA’ with the Nait. That does not mean it is the same amplifier as anything else. It just means that there are shared aspects of design.

I owned an SU for three years and really enjoyed having it. The sound is solid and powerful, but as an amplifier the SN2 is much better. The two do not sound the same.

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Ok Understand…! May I know which speaker you have used with Superuniti. I am having Bowers and Wilkins 603 for Superuniti.

I used PMC GB1i and PMC twenty.23. Both worked really well. I’ve never heard B&W speakers so cannot comment on whether they’d be a good match or not.

In addition to the comments above, you should think carefully about whether a streamer that was developed 10 years ago will suit your needs. For streaming a locally stored collection over your network, it will do a good job. If you want to use a variety of online streaming services, you may find that there are too many limitations.
Also bear in mind that the screen can fail in some older units, although they are serviceable by Naim.
Make sure the firmware is up to date to ensure that all supported services will work.

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