HMS Resolution

It’s about 1050mm. Fits nicely on a shelf. I wouldn’t go any bigger than this otherwise it would require a large piece of furniture to sit on. It’s 1/98 scale.


Thanks for your reply.Agreed,not beyond 1 mt:next one will probably be the Amerigo Vespucci with one being mt 1,25 and the other 1 mt.Will choose the last one.

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I did, and occasionally still do, harbour a desire to build one of the larger models of HMS Hood. I’ve nowhere to put it however so it’s not realistic.

By not doing so I’m saving the cost of the model and the cost of the divorce……


Hoping you will update us with some pics in future?

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I have the same problem. Since retiring I have built up quite a collection of completed models and have nearly run out of places to put them. My solution is to store some in the loft and display the newest only. Unfortunately I have been looking at a Fleetscale 1/72 type 22 frigate semi kit which is over 2m long. Hmmm. Still working on that one. Not 100% sure it will fit on my workbench :blush:. Where there’s a will there’s a way I say. In the meantime, I am about to start building a 1/350 version which I’m sure I can find a place for.


In the first photo of HMS Resolution, are those flags correct for a pre-1800 ship? When was the St. Pat’s cross added to the Union Flag?

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1801, after the Act of Union 1800.


Sure,but I’m currently "working"on HMS Resolution,so pics will be of this,hoping you will appreciate.

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Hy,I’m afraid I don’t know.I just purchased the whole kit box from Corel,Milan based company,where I live,and I don’t have a clue.Sorry.

Pics of any ship you are making would be great.

That’s fine!I will show you some decent pics then,better than my last ones which I took with my phone:photography is my other passion🙂

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No worries Fabio (merely curiosity). It’s a beautiful model; as are your others!

Fantastic work Paul.

Thank you!