HMS Resolution

Starting a new work in progress.That’s a beautiful English cutter from XVII century 1:50


A great friend of mine has been building these for 30+ years and they are just exquisite, but so much work has gone into the canon carriages, pulley blocks, hull planking etc. He also built glass cases for some of them to keep away dust and prying fingers.

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Good luck with it. Just remember to keep going when it gets hard. :blush:. I’ve made two wooden ships, HMS Victory (took me 17yrs) and Cutty Sark (9yrs). Next up will be HMS Diana 1/64 scale but I’m having a rest from wooden sailing ships till next winter. Here’s my last creation:


That model looks absolutely fabulous - you are clearly very skilled at it - I’d love to see the other model too

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The Victory!It is enormous,compliments.I made HMS Bounty as first model,then Trotamares and the only Italian ship paranza,a fishing boat,but I’m looking forward for a way more serious Italian ship,the Amerigo Vespucci if SHE permits…Will post some pics of my models.Ciao!

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SHE stands for SWMBO…

Unbelievable 17 years……i have the attention span of a gnat……well done.


When I lived in Limehouse in East London, I went onto Cutty Sark in her dry dock in Greenwich before the disastrous fire that so nearly destroyed her. I think that the renovation work has been completed, but I’ve moved away from London.

Amazing state-of-the-art technology for her time.

And you can visit the Maritime Museum to see John Harrison’s quite extraordinary, lovingly restored original marine chronometers (designated, H1, H2, H3 and H4), and stand astride the (brass) Meridian Line marker, with one half of your body in each hemisphere!


Visited Cutty Sark last year and the restoration is superb. Standing underneath the keel is something to experience. Did the maritime museum as well, I could spend all day in there. Unfortunately the observatory was closed at the time.

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Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how and why Harrison’s chronometers were built should find a copy of Dave Sobell’s magnificent book ‘Longitude’.

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Dava Sobel I think.

HMS Bounty

Sorry, I didn’t notice that my AppleMac had autocorrected my message!

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Here’s Victory. I had to cut out over 100 gun ports. More modern kits save us this pain but I still bare the scars :blush:


Superb Modelling :+1:



May I know how long it is including the bowsprit mast?