HMV Saved .... Sort of


Sheffield gone which is sad for me. Looks like York! is my local branch.


I think this may have put the nail in the coffin for both Devon stores. They are both ‘mall’ stores and I’m guessing (though I can’t say for certain) that the stores in Truro and Taunton are more traditional high street.


Sad to see Oxford St go, but Fopp in Covent Garden is still going to stay open.

Apparently the guy who’s taken over is a vinyl nut, so that bodes well. His Canadian record store chain has done very well.

There’s a good piece in the FT today:


Sadly, it looks like most of the Fopp stores are going, apart from London. The Fopp store in Manchester had a little bit of the feel of an independent retailer.


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Good to see the one at Gunwharf in Portsmouth is staying. Phew!


IIRC the Milton Keynes branch did the same, and is also spared the dreaded axe. That said I don’t have the sense of doom prevalent on here. My Gt Grandfather was the village blacksmith. He’s not now, only partly as a result of no longer being with us.Things change, sometimes for the better sometimes not. Horses still have shoes made & fitted; music is still available. Luckily I don’t care too much for fondling cardboard sleeves or wondering why an LP is £24 when the CD is a fiver on the rack opposite. It’s very sad for the people who lose their jobs over this, but HMV closing isn’t the end of music.


Couldn’t see any info on the HMV on-line store (delivered vinyl was a great service). There is a placeholder for it on the HMV web site.


Maybe once the dust has settled and the new owners had time to settle in, we’ll see re-emergence of the on-line Store?

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Good to see the Truro store remaining open, shame about Plymouth as it was a bigger store with a lot more stock to tempt the browser.


My guess, as mentioned earlier, is that its to do with rent/rates. Exeter has gone as well, both ‘mall’ stores.


So I see that both Bristol and Bath HMVs are set to close as will as the Fopp store in Bristol. So that’s it then for this region. Amazon here we come.


A bit in the press today:

The music mogul has has compared record shopping to a “treasure hunt”, leading customers to something unexpected, and claims the key to making a music shop work is offering customers depth of choice.

He told Spill Magazine that while most shops might offer Fleetwood Mac fans a greatest hits collection or the 1977 classic album Rumours, Sunrise stocks a greater choice. “Rather than having what I call the ‘basics’, we would offer Tusk and Tango in the Night. It takes it deeper and it gives the customer that assortment in the store.”

Putman has also been a supporter of aspiring musicians, hosting a competition that offered unsigned Canadian artists the chance to get their music stocked in Sunrise stores across the country.

Sounds like the sort of thing we’ve been saying was needed.


George, you can also buy used albums from discogs and e-bay.


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Hard to believe all the Bristol and Bath stores are not profitable.
For new I recommend Rough Trade in Bristol, second hand there are many, especially Plastic Wax.


You And Yours on R4 are now discussing this very subject, the HMV takeover.

For late arrivals this is Feb 6th, from 12:30 - 15 minutes into the programme.


So sad to see Amazon benefitting from this… reduction of choice is never a good thing. I get the reason, and maybe if mega conglomerates paid their fair share of tax, however… even buying off private sellers on eBay or Music Magpie, Dodax, Discogs, etc. may be better.

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