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Interestingly, I have noticed that prices on Amazon have been creeping up of late, which might be as a result of reducing competition. Furthermore, it seems Amazon itself is only holding the more popular (higher selling) repertoire. Quite often I find that less popular titles and artists, although advertised through the Amazon website, are available only from third-party sellers. These then require a charge for P&P, which negates the benefit of Prime membership.

Additionally, I often find that some of the more common third-party sellers (Dodax, Music Magpie etc.) also offer the same item on eBay inclusive of P&P at a price which beats the total price if purchased through Amazon.

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Well that is something I guess. I have recently popped over to the Thanet store so I’ll have to check out if that has survived @GeeJay do you remember when Fopp opened up in Canterbury all for about 5 minutes - where Superdry is now. I’m down in Hythe.



Hi Andy - yes, I remember that - used to buy stuff from there (24 St Margaret’s Street). Apparently the shop is haunted (link).

As you know the HMV store is just a few doors along from there (12 St Margaret’s Street).

I remember when we had loads of music stores in Canterbury; Our Price records, Zavvi, Woolworths and many independents as well (including one that just sold classical CDs).

Yes, the HMV at Westwood Cross survived this latest cull.

ATB. George.

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Thanks for reminding me I remember buying George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass in Vinyl at Our Price and used to love visiting Parrot Records with the occasional walk down to Richard’s Records. Happy days!

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Unless a trip to Taunton appeals or HMV resume on-line sales. Record fairs too



@Clive - It seems A’s prices, particularly for vinyl, have become adversely disconnected in many cases (by >£10) when compared to ‘Other Sellers’ and the likes of What Records (albeit the P&P needs consideration). It’s almost as though A are selling different product but they aren’t - and their product detailing is often inaccurate in not identifying spec e.g. 180g versions, when these are the standard version. I looked at a new Stacey Kent double 180g LP in late 2017 and A wanted ~£28+ (IIRC) whereas Dodax and others were selling at ~£17.

I’m increasingly using US-based ‘Other Sellers’ for CDs and vinyl, being conscious of the import implications.



Posted on: 06 January 2011 by GraemeH

His Master Vanishes…A total lack of imagination on the directors part in my view. It has been a terrible shop for years with such limited stock. So much more could be made of the download culture in a public place to share knowledge…


That was 8 years ago!




I hope they continue for a while longer as my 15 year old daughter has just got into ‘vinyls’ and loves the place in Brighton!



Mine call them ‘vinyls’ too!




Used to be wallpaper or floor coverings in my day!

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I went into my local HMV today to buy a bunch of CDs, some BluRays and a DVD boxed set. There were quite a few other customers in the store buying items and also wishing the staff well. The staff were really friendly and genuinely thanking each and every customer that came into the store.

I’d also forgotten the name of a BluRay film I’ve been meaning to buy (since reading ‘what was the last DVD you watched’ on this forum), and the moment I described the plot, the helpful HMV colleague told me it was “A Matter of Life and Death” and showed me where it was kept in the store.

You don’t get that level of service online with buying from Amazon, or streaming from Apple, Spotify, Tidal or Netflix!

The CDs, BluRays and DVD box set BluRay were also all the same price as Amazon…

I was also informed by the HMV staff that now that they’re out of administration, they’ll be getting in new stock this week (there’s been an embargo on new stuff since they went into administration).

Message for those of us who are lucky enough to continue to have an HMV store near us is to ‘use it or lose it’. I know some folks on the forum do not have the same enthusiasm for HMV as I do (indeed some on the old forum were happy for it to cease trading!), however to see the loss of purchasing choice and expertise on the High Street is a loss to the community of us that value the ability to just go and buy what we want, when we want and receive expert advice.

It’s interesting to see that Waterstones (once owned by HMV) have bucked the ‘High Street gloom’ trend and as people return to paper books, they’re seeing an increase in trading.

ATB. George.



New owner is still hoping to save all the stores

Let’s wish him luck



Great if he can do it. Devon, the 4th largest county in the country has 0 stores, the nearest is 55 miles away in Truro.

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My local store, Tunbridge Wells, was one of the 27 closed. If it was down to high rents I can’t imagine the landlords there being too hard to deal with seeing as the mall the store is in is about 25% vacant including the former BHS store still empty after over two years since it closed.



That’s a real shame. I was in there with my daughter just a few weeks back augmenting her ‘vinyls collection’. We went to Carluccio’s afterwards and that was a shadow of its former self. Less reason to go to RTW then…pity. Are we all destined to buy our LPs from the dreaded Amazon? They’ll probably be into pasta next!

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HMV Southampton closed sometime last year. At one time it had a marvellous classical section but over the years it diminished and I was hardly able to buy anything classical from them for some 3-4 years, so a self-fulfilling prophesy, no stock = no sales = closure. The staff were always helpful and friendly. Winchester and Chichester, though still there, also have virtually nothing classical to offer. Very sad, hence most of my purchases are now downloads, but if I need a CD (eg a bargain box or an opera where you really need a booklet with libretto), then I buy from the excellent Presto Classical.


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