Home for retired musicians

Apologies, I meant to post something about this yesterday.

On BBC 4 last night was a film called Quartet - set in a care home for ageing musicians. It is a mixture of comedy and music, and, To me quite a delightful film. I had seen it a couple of tines before, but it is one tgat stands the test of time. Available to see on BBC iPlayer, I heartily suggest it is worth a view, especially if you like opera.

Immediately following it was a documentary that was even more interesting being real life, even though it lacked the comedy: called Tosca’s kiss, I found it quite gripping and rathef lovely. It was filmed in the real life home for retired musicians which inspired Quartet, the Verdi foundation home Casa Verdi in Milan, opened in 1902, founded and by Verdi and funded by his fortune - and I believe still going today. (The documentary was filmed in 1984.) Also on iPlayer.


Very much enjoyed it when it first came out but for me it always fell into the comfort zone of the actors and had a Richard Curtis smugness about it. Not something I’ve ever felt the need to watch again.

I spent last night watching The Hit Man on Netflix. Slightly out of character for Linklater but highly entertaining.

Yes, the movie clearly was made in the name of entertainment, and character driven - but then apparently the real home has its challenges being filled with people who are accustomed to being the focus of attention - a houseful of divas to paraphrase someone interviewed.

And funnily enough my wife and I also started watching Hit Man last night - but it grabbed neither if us at all and we gave up after a bit.

Well worth persisting with. I certainly wasn’t sure at first but then the twists started arriving and I was hooked. Nothing profound but a cracking piece of film making in the spirit of Knives Out etc.