Home setup advice for the total audion00b

Hi everyone! Long time Naim owner (OK, 18 months), first time poster.

I have a Qb 2nd gen, it’s great, I love it. But I’d like to be able to expand my setup… and I have no idea what I’m doing, or what I should be getting.

Originally my Qb was in a semi-open-plan living-room/dining-room setup. But as many did during the lockdowns, we started making changes. So now we have an expanded kitchen-diner and the living-room is more of a snug.

We don’t really listen to music in the living room, that’s where the TV is. And - still - the Qb. I don’t want to put it in the kitchen, which has become the nexus of family activity during the day, but that’s where music would be nice. So I’d like to add more “rooms” to the Naim setup. Which I think I can figure out to do (famous last words), my problem is more fundamental than that.

What hardware do I buy? Some sort of wireless or Bluetooth speaker I assume. The problem is, I don’t know what I should be looking for. Any browsing I do, buyers guides seem to focus on how standalone these units are (they are judged by whether they have Spotify, AirPlay etc.) and not how they function as just one adjunct of a larger audio set-up. And the prices… well, put it this way, if all the DIY hasn’t bankrupted me then all the takeaways we had to get when we had no kitchen will have done the trick!!

I hope I’m not breaking the rules in asking for recommendations. I just need one or two decent-sound-quality units, one I can have in the kitchen, maybe our bedroom.

(Portability might be helpful, then I can take them all upstairs and point them out the window to play loud death metal or sweary hip-hop next time the &£@%$€¥! out the back decide that what we ALL need to listen to on Saturday mornings is their favourite radio station…) :grin:

The easiest solution is to buy another QB, or any other Naim streamer, as you will be able to control them both from the Naim app, either independently, or in sync using the multiroom function.
You can’t do that with a mixture of Naim and non-Naim devices. The exception to that being if you use either AirPlay or Chromecast which have their own multiroom, as does Roon, but that’s a whole extra level of expense.

Thanks for responding Chris! I just don’t think I can stretch to more Naim kit right now. But it is possible, then, with an AirPlay-compatible speaker? Because I’m not averse to getting something affordable (he said, avoiding for now the part where the number of such devices you can class as “affordable” can be counted on the fingers of one foot) and having a go. Worst case I end up with a low-end basic, I dunno (looks at a list online) Sonos or something I chuck in a bag to take on holiday…

Yes, there are lots of AirPlay compatible options out there, many of them more portable that a QB too.

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