Homepage notifications missing

Lately finding, if a notification is highlighted on my avatar, I can’t press and open my home page to view. Only option to open a new Tab to view.
Tried logging out and in, still not operating as it has always done. Am I missing something ?

I’ve noticed a few slight changes in the drop down menu, I thought it maybe something to do with the new ISO.

A few months ago the notification button on my iPhone stopped working. It either flashes up for a second then disappears, or just doesn’t appear at all. If I tap my avatar, I still see the notifications though.

TJ, is this using the app on a mobile device?

iPad. An old one.

Safari or App?

I never had any luck signing in with safari. Just from google.
When I open Google the forum is there as a pop up.
When I have tried logging in on safari it doesn’t recognise my password. Yet it does on Google.

Got logged in with safari (must have numptied out previously) and still not doing anything when I touch my avatar in the top right corner.
Perhaps I’ve broken the present software due to so much time spent on the forum ? (I was going to insert a smiley emoji, but that doesn’t work either)

I have the same. Started a week or so ago, I think. The drop down box is hidden behind the top header bar. Just the bottom line of the box appears. Older Ipad here on safari.

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