Honda eu10i to power unitiqute2

Hi i am planning to try honda EU10i 1000W Portable Generator
specs says Rated AC Output 900VA.
Generator noise is not much and will be outside the house.
House is not connected to the grid so there is not another alternative.
Any potential problems?

Honda make some bold claims for it (as good or better ‘sine wave’ than mains) but I’d be more wary of what happens to the output voltage under sudden load changes. In particular, what happens when a load is suddenly removed as this might result in momentary over voltage. This might not be relevant if you don’t plan on using it for anything else at the same time. The next up in the range (22i) has almost double the output capacity but doesn’t cost much more. The basic rule of thumb with generators is bigger = better.

Good generators have automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which should prevent over voltage due to fluctuations in the current demanded. These do tend to have a minimum load that keeps them happy and it’s not unknown in the events realm (think small outdoor concerts) to have a halogen floodlight or even an electric heater plugged in to provide a constant base load for the generator powering the PA.

I already own an eu10i used to provide power for just few bulbs in this house. Never tried for audio. So essentially most of power will be available for unitiqute.

Technically it should ‘work’ ok but given the UQ2 uses a hefty transformer based linear supply you might expect more transformer hum than usual. Also given how Naim kit is fussier than most regarding mains quality you might also expect significant lowering of audio performance. Probably best emailing Naim tech support as they may have advised on this situation before.

I have and use a Honda EU10i on a narrowboat. I have used it to power tools directly but not HiFi. Mostly I use it to provide power to charge a set of batteries. I have had no issues with using a LED TV and radio. I doubt there will be any issues doing what you propose but if there was one could provide a power buffer by using batteries and an inverter to smooth out any load spikes.

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