Hooking Up Turntable To Uniti 2

Hi simple question. If I want to connect my old Pro-Ject turntable to my Uniti 2 so all I need to do is buy a Rega Fono MM3 (or similar phono stage) and connect turntable to Rega to Uniti 2 - correct? Thanks!


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I have a Pro-ject running off my Uniti 2. I got a good deal on a pre-loved Stageline and power that directly from the Uniti2. One less Wall Wart, and sounds much better than the Project SE phono stage it replaced.

I was thinking of getting a Pro-Ject phono S2 Ultra but I might hunt down a Stageline too! Thanks!

Hi you don’t need an external power supply for the stage line?

There’s a powered socket on the Uniti 2.

Thought so but just wanted to be sure before I buy. Thanks.

So I would need 2 din cables - 1 to connect the power supply and 1 to connect the turntable? Thanks.

No, it’s a single cable that carries DC power and signal.

Ok thank you.

It’s a SNAIC 5. Be sure to use a genuine one - see the FAQ on here for ID.

Ok thanks Richard - if I buy a new Stageline is it not in the box?


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Yep it’s a Snaic 5 in the box - I just bought one but the Uniti needs a Snaic 4? WIll Naim swap it for me?

A Snaic5 is what you need, and fortunately it’s what you have.

Doh! I am having a tiring day but you have just cheered me up - thanks hungryhalibut!

You’re welcome. Enjoy your records.

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