Hours of fun ๐Ÿ˜€

Can be had from pick and mix.

I have various kit waiting to be sold, but due to shipping and tax issues post UK leaving the EU I shall hold on to it until I can get over to the UK in a car.
Today decided to spend some time with

Nait XS-2

The problem I have in this room is space to put it, otherwise Iโ€™d be using the last combination until sale.
The surprise is that the Nait XS has an amplifier section that is almost the equal of the 250 non DR. The second surprise is that the same XS has a pre section that is outclassed by the humble 62 even without the added benefit of the HC.
Finally arrived at the best combo for the space as SCDR/252/XS amp section. Fed by the Altair streamer, or by the RP3.
The sq was closely followed by the HCDR/62/XS amp section which will likely stay if and when I sell the SC/252.

The XS-2 is a super little amp, a bargain pre owned.


Your impressions are very interesting although Iโ€™m a little confused how you would come to the conclusion of judging whatโ€™s what in an integrated amp.

Having said that Iโ€™m still surprised by how good the Nait 1 is. Shocking that itโ€™s actually thoroughly entertaining even though Iโ€™m used to the 500 series.

The XS allows its use as a pre feeding another amp, or as an amp being fed by another pre. Link plugs are removed as appropriate.
Feeding the SCDR/252 in to the XS-2 and comparing feeding the NAP250 non DR (serviced) and there is little difference.
Feeding the 62 in to the XS-2 vs using the onboard integrated pre, there is a substantial uplift with the 62.


If I donโ€™t remember wrong, RSCH used for a while 552/XS power amp years agoโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s very interesting, but how did you power the 62 without a HC?

Morning Max. You can power a 62 with a single 24V rail via a SNAIC4 cable using the DIN4 output socket (link plug in the DIN5 output socket). The Nait XS has a 24V output on the power-amp in DIN4 socket available, which would normally power the Naitโ€™s pre-amp section via the link plug.


Interesting also that you prefer the Nait XS power amp before the 250DR. Didnโ€™t see that coming and it just goes to show how fun and difficult this hobby of ours is.

I am also curious about the results with the 82/supercap which is a fantastic combination here in my setup. When I switch the 252/Supercap DR for the 82/Supercap itโ€™s still great even though not as good.

Not the 250DR. That is still the best here
The 250 non DR is close to the XS.

Oh, I misunderstood, I thought you tried with the DR also. The 82/Supercap - 250DR is superb. You should try that combo too :blush:

I have :+1:. The reason I went for the XS rather than the 250DR that sits unused, is the space available. I have run out of height in that unit. I also need to think about what will be acceptable once the spare kit is eventually sold. The XS will work well with the hcdr and 62 as the permanent kit later.

Hi James,
true! I hadnโ€™t thought of it. Another proof of Naimโ€™s unique versatilityโ€ฆ
But can a 62 be powered by a single 24V rail?

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Does that mean the 82/250DR is preferred sonically but not practically?

The preference is pretty much as my first post if I had the space in this room. The end point when spare kit is eventually sold will be to retain the 62 pre with HCDR and the xs as the main amp. The reason being, as Mr Tumnus might say, is that this is the land of spare โ€˜oom. To be fair even if I wanted to, putting another 552 based system with D9.2โ€™s in here would be a waste of unused potential. The XS with the A5โ€™s in a small room seem to work well together.

โ€” but yes the 82 plus its napsc with the 250 DR and the SCDR is the best 82 combination sonically.

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Hi Max. Yes, it can run from a single rail. Same as it would if you were using it as a simple two box amp with a power amp such as the 140, with its built in single rail pre-amp PSU.


The DIN4 output socket accepts a single rail 24V supply, with a link plug needed in the DIN5 output socket when a single rail supply is used. A Hicap would use the two rail capable DIN5 output socket.

What was I thinking? Of course it canโ€ฆ

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