How About a Glass of The Bubbly?

Dare I ask if Willy adds lead to one’s pencil?


Isn’t it mousse in a fine Champagne?

Willy isn’t drinking “Willy”. I’m drinking…



There are a number of different mousses that I know of - the sweet, sickly dessert pretending to contain chocolate, the lacquer that ladies (and probably some men in Brighton) use to style hair, and Rabbie Burns found a wee, sleekit couwering timorous one on a floor somewhere in Ayrshire. You must be able to find them in champagne, though!

Great wine. I remember the first time I tasted it about 30 years ago, at a merchant tasting a wine merchant mate wandered over with a glass of sparkling wine and a smug grin saying “Try this”. I really couldn’t place it, the class of a fine champagne, but a fantastic acidity and a non-champagne yeastiness confused me, I thought it must be a fine small Champagne house I didn’t know with a specific house style. The first time I’d had an English wine I’d choose to drink, and it was genuinely top-class even then. Cheers Matt.

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I did this tasting for some clients last year.

If I had the money I would drink a lot of Krug.


Well, the English invented the process…

The French…perfected it.

Nyetimber is highly recommended by my Waitrose contact (who has never given me a bum steer with other drinks).


Impressive! the wine shop in Montelimar where my sister lives let me have an unofficial champagne tasting tried a Philpponnat and a Ruinart among others but no Krug as its far too expensive to open a bottle it was the first time i found that not all Champagne tastes the same

Bubbly is always too “bubbly” for me, it goes up my nose, so I stay clear if possible. Now malt whisky is another thing but that is a different thread.

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Picked this up today in Sainsburys Pommery own a vine yard in Alresford, Hants
first grapes planted in 2018 so this could be the first bottles? not a band price £22

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I’d consider that an ad hominem :slight_smile:

I await your verdict!
I have to go to Sainsburys in any case to get some Marmite Truffle… :yum:

I’ve always bought my champagne directly from independent producers (Xavier Leconte in recent years) - most of the stuff offered by the large champagne houses that are mentioned on this thread (Mumm, Veuve Cliquot, etc.) are simply overpriced.
I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than 19-20€ for a bottle of excellent champagne - incidentally, “premier cru” is meaningless as far as champagne is concerned. 15-20€ directly from the producer means 30-40€ from a shop or supermarket.
I find it difficult to believe those who say they have enjoyed champagne at 8€ a bottle - at that price I prefer a crémant, either from Burgundy or from Alsace - certainly not a prosecco, which is very different (often sweeter, which may be more to some people’s taste).
I’ve also tasted some very good stuff from English producers, based in Kent mostly.

The more I get to taste different champagne cuvées, the more of it I want to own and drink. There is such a variety of styles, especially given the potential that being able to blend with up to seven varietals gives. Add in all of the other sparkling wines, and a lifetime’s pleasure awaits.

This bottle was opened at the weekend. Just beginning to fade but oh so graceful. Definitely not for everyday where I would happily choose from cava or Cremant if drinking closer to home or a marvellous fizz from the Cape or Tasmania. Lots of great choices at great prices. And then we are back to the weekend and back to champagne again!


I liked some that were cheaper than that - however that was over 22 years ago: £5-6 then would be about £9-£11 today. Also, remember that that was not only direct from the producers, but with no shipping costs and no UK tax/duty to pay as bought direct from the vineyards. However, perhaps more particularly we all have different tastes…

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With tax, the wines you mention would be about 15€ or a bit more, I suppose, which is the kind of price range I had in mind. We do agree that it’s not necessary to pay through the nose for a decent bottle, though.

These are on my bucket list… only about half way through up to the veuve clique rose. Our house favourite seems to be the Perrier Jouet


Recommend the Verve Rose very quaffable!

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Definitely a favourite of ours we also tried this at our neighbours house.

The Laurent Perrier Rose


We’re Bolly, Louis Roederer and Charles Heidsieck fans here when we have the occasional bubbles moments