How About a Glass of The Bubbly?

Always love a glass(or two) of the sparkly a few of my all time favourites number one has to be ‘The Widows’ Verve Clicquot another Champagne widow is Pommery along with Pol Roger and Gosset lots more of course Mumms,Bollinger,Tattinger whats yours?!


I’ve never liked Möet, but love Bollinger especially La Grand Anneé and RD.

I have a pal who’s fortunate to live with a Pommery ‘brand ambassador’!

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As I am truly a peasant, I could probably live with any of them….

Wave that willy!


I don’t think it’s that simple - if you look at basic champagnes in the £20-£40 range, some will be branded, some supermarket offerings, a few might stand out to you as an individual.

Prosecco and Cremant may be fine alternatives, cheaper too, that’s my view anyway.

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I may have mentioned a few marginally more expensive ones, but at similar pricepoints I really do have a major preference.

Also I doubt we’d be suggesting daily AbFab consumption but mostly special occasions.

Oooh, dunno, I could drink a lot of Bolly……if given the chance. :laughing:

Unfortunately we peasants have to make do with Waitrose’s Prosecco

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Among others, partial to Pol Roger…have a Sir Winston waiting for the right occasion…used to like a Billecart Salmon, but it’s been along time since I had a bottle. Must again, soon.

Usual tipple at home is Waitrose Vintage. Decent.

Never particularly liked Prosecco, but Waitrose P seemed OK (only had it once or twice).

I used not to like Champagne (or any other sparkling wine). Then in 2000 I had a gîte holiday with a week in the countryside near Reims, and did some Champagne tasting. I came home from that holiday with 96 bottles of Champagne! All were Premier Cru, all from small producers, normally servicing only the French market. They mostly cost £5-£6 with some vintage at £7-£8. they lasted a total of three years…

I’ve rarely come across Champagne that suits my taste buds as well. I still cannot stand the standard Moet & Chandon staple so common in Britain, nor quite a few more expensive Champagnes, but one I do really like is Billecart-Salmon Rosé, but it is too expensive to drink other than on special occasions. It seems to me that what is marketed for the British is different from that that suits ordinary French people - that said, a few years ago I had a Champagne from either Aldi or Lidl, which was inexpensive and drinkable, reminding me of those in France. (There is no Aldi or Lidl where I live, or I would explore more.)


I’m not a fan of Champagne, until I tried Cristal. That was beautiful, but unfortunately very expensive.

Now that’s a wonderful topic. Thank you for opening it. Yes, I quite like a sip of a good bubbly wine.

I like it very much in particular off the big brands of Champagne to look and try.

Here are my favorites from Champagne, which I love to have in the cellar and even more in the glass:

  • Christophe Mignon “Pur Meunier”, Brut Nature
  • Françoise Martinot “Bistrøtage”, Blanc de Noirs, Extra Brut
  • Vouette & Sorbée “Fidèle”, 100% Pinot Noir, Brut Nature
    And there are so many more …

Not that I don’t like the bigger brands. Of the better known ones, I really like “Jacquesson” for example. But I find there is too much to discover especially among the smaller producers.

(Here’s a picture of a cozy little Christmas brunch a few weeks ago with “Bistrøtage”.)

(Here the wonderful Christophe Mignon in front of the Christmas Tree.)

(And here “Fidèle” last year during the easter weekend.)



I’m not a huge fan of bubbly but happy to have a glass or two. Maybe because I’ve not had a really good one.

On the cheaper front, I’d definitely choose Cava or Cremant over Prosecco.

Bubbles is about the only alcohol my wife drinks but thankfully she’s happy with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Reserve Cava.

Echoing @Innocent_Bystander, I had a lovely trip with friends to Epernay and Burgundy last Spring and came back with a few relatively cheap bottles from small producers. Limited to 12 in the post-Brexit world, not quite 96!

PS Perhaps worth moving this discussion to the Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it thread?

I normally prefer a nice Cava over champagne.

Weird how many people do not drink Moet it is the top selling campagne,perhaps its the image of Motor Racers spraying it all over the place.
Nothing wrong with Prosecco or Cava not my taste though and yes you can taste the difference they are ‘made’ differently after all.
I recently googled the so called ‘best’ in the world the general consensus was a toss up between Krug and Dom Perignon (just check the prices!)
Still at the end of the days all down to personal tastes vive le difference!

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Yes agree about the small producers my sister lives in the South of France and her Champagne man drives down once a year with a van load of bubbly she usually pays between 6-8 Euros a bottle even supermarket prices in France are a lot cheaper then here (surprise!)

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I have to declare an interest here as I work for a Champagne company

Over the years the houses I find produce some of the finest Cuvee are Salon, Roederer Pol Roger, Krug, Bollinger, Ruinart , Dom Perignon,

Of the smaller houses Ayala, Alfred Gratiten, Jacquesson,

But as I always say the best champagne in the world is the one you enjoy the most


Work for a Champagne House Kudos! i too have imbibed Ayala very dry but top quality there are so many outstanding brands ive never tried really must revisit the Champagne region again soon!

Ah, Ruinart…I had a couple of bottles of that at one of our favourite restaurants (Haywards in Epping, recommended!)…lovely stuff.

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Willy champagne actually exist:


Nice one!

Laurent Perrier Pink Champagne was always just about the best - certainly the sexiest, with those lovely pink bubbles - oh, well, effervescence, if we’re being extra refined.

I’d love a glass (or six), but sadly that’s not allowed these days (or for the last four years or so now).

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